29th of September 2023

THE SKOOL OF DEATH exists, but The Tillerman will be otherwise engaged.

However, The Tillerman has responsibilities that can not be shirked.

So the The KLFRS are hiring.

We require an annoyingly unspecified number of Tillerman Surrogates to carry out duties in THE SKOOL OF DEATH on November 23rd 2023.

Full training in the art of tillering will be provided, if not definitively delivered.

Enquire within.


23rd of September 2023


THE DEPOSITORY is movable feast. 

THE DEPOSITORY ask questions. 

THE DEPOSITORY demands answers. 

THE DEPOSITORY is bigger on the inside. 

THE DEPOSITORY is empty until it is full. 

THE DEPOSITORY is seven imaginary recycling bins for your youthful misremberings. 

THE DEPOSITORY supports cone-sharing. 

THE DEPOSITORY wants you out and about. 

THE DEPOSITORY wants you close, where it can see you. 


THE DEPOSITORY relies on the support of its volunteers. 

THE DEPOSITORY relies on contributions from its supporters. 

THE DEPOSITORY is a not-for-profit disorganisation. 

THE DEPOSITORY needs cones. 

THE DEPOSITORY needs hazard tape.

THE DEPOSITORY needs twigs. 

THE DEPOSITORY needs string. 

THE DEPOSITORY needs folding currency, the more inauthentic, the better. 

THE DEPOSITORY needs open minds.

THE DEPOSITORY needs heroes. 

THE DEPOSITORY needs Araldite. 

THE DEPOSITORY needs you.  

THE DEPOSITORY is accepting submissions. 





Telegram received from somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, 

1st of September 2023

We are in uncharted waters.

The Tillerman asked, and you responded. 

Then 23/8 happened.


No such thing.

As we continue to strive to get our cones in a row, updates to the site will be signposted on the usual social platforms.

Elite Re-Enactors should make their way to THE 23 GOLDEN RE-ENACTMENTS section. Certification awaits the brave and well-documented.

In the foothills of Mount Re-Enactment, The KLF WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM is collecting your Mu-related photographic memories to be displayed in the WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING ON? section. These images may also go a long way to prove that The KLF did in fact exist and that they were not secreted onto nascent internet by bad actors.

The University of Mu (UMU) is pleased to have approved the first thesis to tackle the issue detailed above. This academic will attempt to find enough evidence to thoroughly justify their claim that The KLF did exist. As an academic establishment dedicated to intellectual rigour, UMU is also looking to commission an academic to put forward a counter-argument.

We will very shortly begin our MIRROR HOLDER page to salute those Extraordinary Re-Enactors that The Board hold in the highest of esteems. 

As ever, submissions should be directed through the KONTACT page. A comment on a social media platform today, is tomorrow’s fish and chip paper.

We are building The Depository.

Who knows what’s coming next?




Extract from the minutes of an emergency meeting convened by The Board,  

23rd of July 2023.

Opening address

The KLFRS exists. But for some time now, it seems its purpose has been neglected. Mini-figs have mini-figged. Ice Kream Vans have been miniaturised. Solid States have been Logiked. But large swathes of the activities of The KLF and The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu between the 1st of January 1987 and the 31st of December 1991 (and Beyond) remain distinctly under re-enacted. 

This will not do.

Let us be clear. There is no you and us. There is no us and them. There is simply US, The KLFRS and all who sail in her, and THEM, you know, them lot over there. Re-enactments breed RE-ENACTMENTS. Quid. Pro. Quo.

Does life re-enact art or does art re-enact life? Are re-enactors artists or are they just living their best lives?

There exists a 23-month window of opportunity for The Society to do their best. There also exists a 23-month window of opportunity for The Society to do their worst. It is not for The Board to make judgments.

The Board exists to initiate, motivate and document. Upon confirmation of a successfully completed re-enactment, kontent kreators will be issued with a stamped certificate of inauthenticity. Full details of the re-enactments worth certifying will be made available soon.

The Board exists to bring people together. To unite the vikings with their longships, to bring a sheep to the party, to bring posters to the paste.

The 23-month window also exists to fill The Depository. The Depository exists, on a flip chart, in a dream, on the back of a fag packet. The journey of The Depository, over the 23-month window, is not without danger. 

This is one of the risks of navigating uncharted territories. 

There is no point in having a North West Passage without danger. 

The Depository exists in the minds of The Board. Our aim is to empty it into the minds of others and then drive off into the sunset or off a cliff. Whatever is closest. 

What emerges from the storm drain after that is truly anyone’s guess.

Under new management?

Less of a coup. More of a caw.