What follows is The First Annual Address to The KLF Re-Enactment Society (KLFRS), given by The Kommittee on the 12th of February 2021

Dear Members of The KLF Re-Enactment Society,

The history of our Society is murky.

All histories are subjective and by their very nature in a constant state of flux.

Many claims have been made – some seismically unsubstantiated.


At this very moment of upload…

It reads as follows…


Enter Philip K Blake

Although the 1st of January 2021 is given as the official founding date of The KLF Re-Enactment Society, many claim it’s spirit began over three years earlier, when a replica of Ford Timelord (aka The JAMs Mobile) careered up and down Bold Street in Liverpool. This careering was done late in the evening of the 22nd of August 2017. At the wheel of this replica of Ford Timelord was the determined and heroically reckless re-enactor Philip K Blake.


The Bucket of White Paint

But there are those in The Society that argue, this replica only truly entered the canon once it was vandalised by the then Justified Ancients of Mu Mu two days later. This vandalisation was done by them throwing a bucket of white paint at the replica Ford Timlord. This being seen as a re-enactment of them painting the original Ford Timelord white during the filming of The White Room sometime in the very late 1980s.

The factionalism that exists in any re-enactment society, has to be both lived with while hoping a Good Friday Agreement can be found.

There are those that hold Lateral Not Literal to be The Society’s motto.

While others seem to veer towards Literal Not Lateral.

We on The Kommittee endeavor to do all we can to resolve the issues between the different factions of The Society.

Compare and contrast the Enactment and Re-Enactment here.


The Ice Kream Van

Only seconds after the replica Ford Timelord was recklessly driven up and down Bold Street in Liverpool, the then Justified Ancients of Mu Mu carefully drove their Ice Kream Van down the same Bold Street – What Time Is Love? ice cream chimes tinkling at their best.

What might have been unknown to The 400, who were lining Bold Street while hoping for something historic to happen, this Ice Kream Van was not thee Ice Kream Van. This Ice Kream Van, which the then Justified Ancients of Mu Mu had only bought days beforehand, using all of the advance they had received from Faber & Faber for their novel 2023, thus cleaning out their bank account once again, was in fact a re-enactment of the original Ice Kream Van.

The original Ice Kream Van being the one that had featured as part of The KLF’s performance at the Liverpool Festival of Comedy in the Summer of ’91. And again later that same year in the full-page newspaper advertisments for their 45 Justified & Ancient.

And again on The KLF’s Top Of The Pop’s appearance performing the aforesaid 45.

This 45 that was not, as planned, that year’s Christmas Number One.
We blame Freddy for dying when he did.
We have forgiven Freddy.
And of course we have cut a deal with the Ron & Russell.
And we will record a re-enactment of Justified & Ancient with Freddy – Hoover in hand.
And Ricardo doing his rap.
This Re-Enactment will happen at some as yet unknown date.
And it will be the Christmas number one song in Heaven.
Thus allowing the Ron & Russell to slip to the number two slot, for just one week.

This is the number one song in Heaven
Why are you hearing it now, you ask
Maybe you are closer to here than you imagine
Maybe you are closer to here than you care to be



It has been suggested by a Mark Silver, that the actual publication of the novel 2023, which happened only moments after the events in Bold Street, as documented in paragraphs above, was, in fact a re-enactment – in a literary form – of the complete history of The KLF, but refracted through a fictitious female electronica duo of the same name that existed in the Ukraine, at the same time as being a very male Northampton based, three piece rock band led by their drummer who went by the name of Alan Moore.


Who Killed The KLF?

Some months prior to the events witnessed by The 400 on Bold Street, it came to be known that there were a pair of actors acting out the roles of The K Foundation. These actors were playing the parts of Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond painting a hire car with their Kontract. This Kontract was with the rest of Humanity and stated that they – The K Foundations – were not to talk about the burning of one million quid for 23 years, before then pushing the said hire care over a stand in for the cliffs at Cape Wrath in 1995. These actors were playing the parts in the film Who Killed The KLF?  by Chris Atkins. This was deemed as very much a re-enactment in a very traditional sense of the word.

This film was released in 2021 and contained a variety of very literal re-enactments within it. Some of those re-enactments are compiled here which may act as a spur for the Lateral faction of the society.  

A still from the film Who Killed The KLF?

But since that night in Bold Street there, have been numerous other re-enactments. Some fleeting, some lasting, but all have every right to find a place in this growing history. What follows are brief descriptions of that growing list.


Fucking Stupid

Roscoe Lane, which is not much further than you can throw Rockman Rock’s Green Gate Sampler, from Bold Street. On Roscoe Lane is a Kimchi Factory called Static. Static briefly acted as the pop up café The Dead Perch Lounge during a period of time called Welcome To The Dark Ages.

On the outside wall of The Dead Perch Lounge, four days after the midnight publication of 2023, appeared a number of posters.  On these posters read the words “Why? Because we’re fucking Stupid and ran out of ideas”. These posters had been created and fly posted by the Welsh academic Rhys Jones. This flyposting has to be celebrated very much as a Lateral Not Literal re-enactment, done in the vague style of the fly-postings done by the then Justified Ancients of Mu Mu some months earlier underneath a railway bridge on the Kingsland Road in London.

Rhys Jones followed up his re-enactment with an essay on the subject first published on the website www.academia.com

Photograph taken by Thomas Ecke moments after the posters had been fly-posted by Welsh academic Rhys Jones.


Unreleased, Unrecorded, Unwritten

An individual, who was unable to be one of The 400 in Bold Street on the night of the 22nd of August 2017, responded by his lack of presence by re-enacting a track that had never been written, recorded or released by The KLF. But a track that had entered into the mythos of The KLF. The reason why it had entered the mythos was, although it never been written, recorded or released, it had been titled and the record sleeve for it had been designed and a thousand copies had been printed.

The title of the unreleased, unrecorded, unwritten track was Turn Up The Strobe. Over the years these 1,000 printed copies of the sleeve without a record, like water, had found their level in a wider world.

This re-enactment might be the first time in the history of re-enactments where the re-enactor is knowingly re-enacting an event that never actually happened. The re-enactors name was James E.

James E, also made a video for his re-enactment and stacked on a shelf in in the ever-expanding warehouse of Google Drive and mirrored here.

A screen shot of the cover on Turn Up The Stobe on Sound Cloud where this is a claimed unfinished version of the actual track.


7th of August 2017

That said…

The title Turn Up The Strobe had already been re-enacted as the title of an unauthorised biography of The KLF, written by Ian Shirley and published on the 7th of August 2017, thus two weeks before the events on Bold Street. The cover of this book features in the video of the track of the same name described in the above paragraph. The cover of this book could be considered a re-enactment of the cover of the album Chill Out.

A screen shot of the cover of Turn Up The Stobe taken from the book’s  publisher’s website.


Black Uhuru & The KLF Versus John Lee Hooker

The KLF were under the disillusionment that they were the first people in the world to unite the words Chill and Out, and that this might have been their greatest contribution to the transient culture of their times, only to discover that Black Uhuru had already used it as a title for an album in 1982.


Was the John Lee Hooker album released in 1995, also entitled Chill Out, a re-enactment of the Black Uhuru album or The KLF album? Does the fact that John Lee Hooker’s place in the history of music far outweigh Black Uhuru and The KLF’s combined, cancel such theories? In that, with his release of Boogie Chillun or Boogie Chillen but definitely not Boogie Chillin in 1948 and it reaching the coveted number one spot on the American R&B charts, John Lee Hooker was responsible for positioning the electric guitar as the primary instrument of 20th century Western music, far outstripping either the tenor saxophone or the Rolland TR-808.

There are those within The Society, that reference the fact, that in his later career John Lee Hooker guitar of choice was a Gibson, very similar in all aspects to the guitar of choice of King Boy D, and King Boy D had been playing this guitar for at least two decades before John Lee Hooker was. Thus maybe, at a deeper and more importantly subconscious level, John Lee Hooker was being influenced by The KLF in style if not sound. That said, guitar shop buffs will not hesitate to point out that John Lee Hooker played a Gibson 335 where as King Boy D only played a Gibson 330.

John Lee Hooker playing a 335 not a 330. “Boom Boom!” says Basil Brush.


Vacuum Cleaner

Sadly this Vacuum Cleaner is not one held by Freddy while he is doing the housework up in Heaven. This Vacuum Cleaner is one ready to leap into the online market to Hoover up any vacuum in the market it can find ready and willing to be filled. It now appears there is a whole industry of Turn Up The Strobe products ready for you to buy just a click away. Top of the range is the Turn Up The Strobe laptop sleeve featuring the artwork of the original 12” record sleeve without a record.

Is a re-enactment not a re-enactment when its soul purpose is to cynically Hoover up a vacuum in the market place? Visit the site Teepublic where the strap line is Each purchase supports and independent artist and you will find these very laptop sleeves. You decide.

Screen grab of a Turn Up The Strobe phone case.


Minimalist Classic in Neo-Realism

On the 23rd of November 2018 at The Toxteth Day of the Dead, there was The Ice Kream Van as suppermarket trolley. This has been considered a minimalist classic in neo-realism. This work of re-enactment was conceived and built by Simon ‘The Signmaker’ Stokes. The work then ended up featuring in the Paul Duane film Welcome To The Dark Ages. The Society has since received further information from ‘The Signmaker’ that he had sprayed it pink in his kitchen, with white-wall tyres and was then dutifully decorated by his children.

Ice Kream Van as Supermarket Trolley in Toxteth


How To Burn A Million Quid

A six-part radio drama How To Burn A Million Quid first broadcast by BBC Radio in January 2019. This was written by Sean Grundy and Cara Jennings and directed by Boz Temple-Morris. The parts of Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond were played by Nicholas Burns and Paul Higgins. As of February 2021, all six episodes of How To Burn A Million Quid are available to listen to on the BBC Sounds app.


Two Spaniards

Two Spaniards at the 2019 Toxteth Day of the Dead, were seen dressing like Penitentes wearing black Capriotes. They were also seen to be doing synchronized brandishing of fake guitars. This was their re-enactment of The Timelords performance on the 1988 Christmas Day Top of the Pops. It has subsequently been reported and confirmed that these two Spaniards were Gema Escoms and Israel Sánchez Fuster from the city of Valencia.

Two Spaniards in Toxteth.

The Two Spaniards beating the bounds of Toxteth in black & white.


Pyramid Of Mu Headdress

On the same day as the two Spaniards were brandishing their fake guitars, there was a man symbolically re-enacting himself as the Pyramid Blaster, but without the blaster, but with the All Seeing Eye, that the blaster had originally replaced it with back in 1987. This he did by creating, and then wearing a Pyramid of Mu Headdress. Rumour has it that behind the Eye of this pyramid was a camera and with this camera he filmed the events of the whole day. Rumour also has it, that his name was, and maybe still is, Andrew Moss. And what he filmed might be lost somewhere in the Outback of YouTube. We will not be surprised if Andrew Moss finds his name on The KLF Re-Enactment Society’s Wall of Fame.

The Pyramid of Mu with The Two Spaniards

Lateral Not Literal


The Justified Lego Land

Since the Great Pandemic began its onslaught, it has had many unforeseen cultural consequences. One of those has been to inspire re-enactors to adopt covid cunning. From a lockdown basement in the Shires: editions of Lego mini figs of Rockman Rock & King Boy D with Lego Pyramid Blasters the T Speakers to compliment, evolved. These have found their way into the world via the medium of eBay. We, The Kommittee, are pleased to reveal that the creator of these re-enactments was Matt Wells. Matt Wells is currently at work building a re-enactment of Ford Timelord in his prime.

It is a firmly held opinion by many of the active members of The KLF Re-Enactment Society, that The KLF story will only ever be truly told once it becomes re-enacted as a full ninety minute action Lego Movie, with cameo parts for Batman and Commissioner Gordon.

Three Lego Builds in The Justified Lego Land of Mu.


Whither Time Art Endearment?

And as this was happening somewhere else on this sceptered isle The Ye Olde Kings of the Low Frequencies were in lockdown creating Whither Time Art Endearment? You don’t need a Tardis to head back to This fortress built by Nature for herself Against infection, just click on YouTube and use your imagination. What Time Is Love? has never sounded so Lateral not Literal.

Mirrored here.

Whither Time Art Endearment? sleeve.


The Battle of Orgreave

Back in the real world…

There has been an argument put forward that The KLF’s re-enactment mindset, was born out in 1997, when the then Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, under the guise of 2K, re-appropriated Jeremy Deller’s appropriation of The Williams Fairey Brass Band playing What Time Is Love? as part of their Fuck The Millennium performance at the Barbican Theatre in London.Followed four years later by Jeremy Deller’s re-enactment of The Battle of Orgreave. This argument may hold water.


The Thames Facing Side

It should also be noted here that to mark 2K’s Fuck The Millenium performance, the then Justified Ancients of Mu Mu re-enacted the graffiti they did on the Thames facing side of the National Theatre ten years earlier in 1987. The original graffiti read 1987: What The Fuck’s Going On? The re-enacted graffiti read 1997: What The Fuck’s Going On? In the year 2007 they attempted to re-enact the same graffiti in the same location, but this time they were prevented from doing so as they were now over 50 and their ageing bodies refused to re-scale the walls of the National Theatre.

The 2007: What The Fucks Going On? will be re-enacted by the mini-fig versions of the forever-young Justified Ancients of Mu Mu in the Lego Movie bio-pic.

And on a less flippant note… 


Kyle Levi Fynn

Kyle Levi Fynn, was born in the first year of the Great Pandemic. By being born, Kyle has stuck a stake in the ground, for being both the youngest member of – and being an honorary founding father to – The Society.

We here on The Kommittee of The KLF Re-Enactment Society very much hope that Kyle Levi Fynn does not grow up to resent what has been stated in the previous paragraph.



What we are gonna do right here is go back, way back, back into time…

Bring Me Edelweiss

Like the claims made for the proto-punk bands of the mid-to-late 1960s, there have been numerous claims made for proto-re-enactments of the work of The KLF that stretch almost back to their beginnings

Way back as far as late 1988, when the Austrian band Edelweiss’s reading and interpretation of a manuscript copy of The Manual (How To Have A Number One The Easy Way) by The Timelords, gave form to their global novelty hit Bring Me Edelweiss.

Numerous other bands of the day, have also laid claim to the influence of The Manual on their work. That said, although influenced, these might not be judged as re-enactments. These bands might include Chumbawamba, The Pipettes, Saint Etienne and The Klaxons.


The What Time Is Love? Story

In the early months of 1989, as Acid House broke free across Europe, several DJs and techno musicians recorded and released their proto-re-enactments of the Pure Trance original What Time is Love? This being the first, and for some, the greatest, record by The KLF. These proto-re-enactors included Dr. Felix, Liaisons D, K.L.F.S. and Neon. At the time (1989) a selection of these proto-re-enactments were collected and released on a compilation album entitled The What Time Is Love? Story. This title was in turn a knowing re-enactment to the album The Sue Records Story – a record that any budding re-enactor should have in their imaginary collection.

Harrogate, Huddersfield, Oldam, Lancs


K Stadium House Mix

Up North in 1994, Huddersfield Town Football Club released an album called Anthem: Peace In The Valley. The songs on the album were sung by their hardest core supporters – or that is what has been reported. The closing track on the album was Anthem (K Stadium House Mix), which if you were to track it down, you would hear a proto-re-enactment of It’s Grim Up North. But instead of King Boy D reciting a list of Northern towns, a local is reciting a list of Huddersfield Town players.

Sleeve of Anthem (Peace in the Valley)


Grim Up North Running

Jump twenty odd years ahead of Peace In The Valley and you have this It’s Grim Up North Running. This has to be proper Northern proto-re-enactment. And totally lateral.

Grimsby, Glossop, Hebden Bridge


The Unjustified Ancients of M.U.

In May 1996, at the height of Eric Cantona mania, a band naming themselves 1300 Drums (featuring The Unjustified Ancients of M.U.), made a record named Ooh! Aah! Cantona. This record debuted at number 11 in the UK singles charts. The record heavily sampled the ‘Ooh! Aah! Cantona’ chant from the Manchester United fans on the terraces at Old Trafford. On 1300 Drums, (featuring The Unjustified Ancients of M.U.), one and only performance on Top of the Pops, their lead singer disguised himself as King Boy D in his prime, and another hooded member proto-re-enacted being Rockman Rock.

For further disinformation click here. Mirrored here.

Sleeve of Ooh! Aah! Cantona.


Behind The Cow

In the mid 1990s, Mid-European cultural historians, began to cite the entire, but still evolving, catalogue of the German band Scooter, to be the ultimate mainstream proto-re-enactment of The KLF’s Stadium House Trilogy. In doing so Scooter sold many millions more records than The KLF ever allowed themselves to. Listen to Behind The Cow and wonder. Mirrored here.


Di-seren a Du-Beiblaidd / Starless and Bible Black

If Scooter were pan European stadium, Good Cop Bad Cop were Snug warriors. The Snug being the small room at the bar with the open fireplace, where global events are discussed and poetry recited.

Good Cop Bad Cop are also Welsh, in all the ways that being Welsh can be celebrated, without sinking into the negative flag waving aspects of small nation nationalism. More starless and bible-black than singing Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau at Cardiff Arms Park.

In 1996, Good Cop Bad Cop had got hold of the full manuscript for the un-made film The White Room. The leading role in this manuscript of the as yet still unmade film was to have been Paul McGann.

Good Cop Bad Cop proto-re-enacted the manuscript in an Unauthorised, Unofficial, Unrehearsed reading at the Chapter Arts Centre, in Cardiff, Wales. This reading was videoed in its entirety, but the only lasting evidence of this proto-re-enactment can be viewed somewhere in the deep space of Vimeo. Mirrored on YouTube here

The above was the artwork for the flyer of this event.


Wicker Man of Justice

On the 6th of September 2003 four young people, dressed in robes, climbed to the top of Little Solsbury Hill, near Bath. With them they carried a small Wicker Man, both inspired by The KLF’s Rites of Mu in the summer of ‘’91 and the Wicker Man film from 1973. At the top of the hill they ceremonially burnt the Wicker Man of Justice.

Some weeks later the whole event was covered in the Official Playstation Magazine. We would like to thank a Jim McCauley for providing us with this information.

It has been reported by some members of The Society that The Wicker Man film was shot near where Rockman Rock had his childhood.

Interesting additional is that this hill also inspired Peter Gabrial to write and record a song of the same name.

Two pages from the November 2003 edition of the Official Playstation Magazine.


We Know Where The Time Goes

At the opposite end of the scale to Scooter’s ongoing bombardment of the senses, The KLF Re-Enactment purists state that The FLK’s career to be the finest folk music proto-re-enactment of The KLF’s attitude and output. The FLK’s pastoral proto-re-enactment of Chill Out, re-entitled We Know Where The Time Goes, is considered to be up there with The Fairport’s Liege & Lief, as a groundbreaking work in the un-contemporary folk world.

The cover of We Know Where The Time Goes, is a proto-re-enactment of the cover of Chill Out, which in turn is a pro-re-enactment of the cover of Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother. As for The FLK’s chosen album title, anyone who appreciates un-contemporary folk music, would tell you it is a proto-re-enactment of the greatest song released in 1969.


Chill Out

Over the passing decades there have been several hundred other interpretations of Chill Out, uploaded onto platforms – far too many to list here. All of these must be considered and respected as proto-re-enactments. Some consider The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu’s Come Down Dawn just the latest in a long tradition, even if The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu themselves, claim it to be a ‘pre-mix’.

“What the fuck is a pre-mix?” we hear a very justified doubter, snipe from the wings.


Sierra Nevada Again

In 2011 a Ross Jarvis drove his lovingly created replica Ford Timelord to the Sierra Nevada region in Spain. The Sierra Nevada is where The KLF shot scenes for their subsequently unfinished film The White Room. Once there Ross and his brother filmed a number of proto-re-enacted scenes from the film.

Click here to watch what Ross Jarvis uploaded onto YouTube.


The Golden Mountain

After one thousand years to the day after a Viking longboat landed on the Isle of Jura to rape and pillage, three of their indirect descendants arrived on the Jura. This was in the year of our Lord twenty twelve. Their names were Fredrik Wik Clarke, Lars Björndahl and Anders Christenson. These three were collectively known as The Kake Liberation Foundation.

The Kake Liberation Foundation had come in peace from Gothenburg in Sweden. With them as well as cakes to give to the people, was a suitcase full of one million pounds in photocopied fifty quid notes. Their desired destination was a certain derelict boathouse. But they discovered the derelict boathouse had been done up and had become part of a private golf course. So instead of returning to Sweden, The Kake Liberation Foundation decided to climb the nearest of the Three Paps of Jura. This Pap was the one that goes by the name of Beinn an Òir. Which if you were to know your Gaelic, translates into modern English as The Mountain of Gold.

After their ascent and their arrival at the peak of The Mountain of Gold, they dressed themselves in their fake monk style cowls, as featured in many KLF related ceremonies. Suitably attired they ceremonially burnt their one million pounds of photocopied fifty quid notes. They then celebrated by handing out cakes to two other climbers who had no clue as to the context of what the fuck was going on.

To retrieve the musical analogy used at the beginning of this proto-re-enactment section, The Kake Liberation Foundation were The Ramones in our history. The release of The Ramones first album was the bridge between proto-punk and full-blown Punk. In bridging that gap The Ramones were never really one thing nor the other – never The Stooges and never The Sex Pistols. But every movement needs a bridge. Like The Ramones, The Kake Liberation Front were that much needed bridge in the history of The KLF Re-Enactment Society.

Now we are going to stretch the musical analogies as far as they can be stretched but almost ten years further down the line of musical history, to that point when the Roland TB-303 first arrived in Chicago in the mid 1980s and tipped House into Acid.

The below are three photographs of The Kake Liberation Foundation at the top of The Golden Mountain after they had burnt their million quid of photocopied fifty quid notes.


An Ancient Elm Wood

The Roland TB-303 in this story is Jonathan Harris (aka Money Burning Guy). Jonathan Harris’s influence on the world of KLF re-enactments cannot be underestimated. And not just on one count but on two counts at the same time. Firstly for the following sentence that he wrote in the Autumn of 2015 – On the evening of the 23rd of August 2015 in a clearing in Overhall Grove, an ancient elm wood near the village of Knapwell in Cambridgeshire, I put LD37959355 £10 and LE13 591276 £10 to flame – and secondly, and probably more importantly, because this sentence was his opening line of the first edition in his book The Money Burner’s Manual, first published in an edition of 23. As any member of The KLF Re-Enactment Society would know the 23rd of August is a significant day in The Society’s calendar. And secondly his Manual is considered by some as a neo-realistic reference to The Manual (How To Have A Number One The Easy Way). Added to that the second edition to The Money Burner’s Manual was published on the 23rd of November 2016. Proto to the max, almost Garage Re-enactment.  His credential are up there with Phuture’s Acid Tracks.


The Goddess

And this is where things get difficult and we have to be sensitive to people’s sense of self worth and importance to the cultural landscape. In an earlier edition of the history of KLF proto-re-enactments, we had described the career of a Wanda Dee as both ‘forlorn’ and ‘low-rent’. We were wrong to do so. We may be members of The Kommittee of The KLF Re-Enactment Society, but as such it is not our job to pass judgment on the re-enactments done by others. If there is judgment to be done that is for the regular members of The Society or the general public. Taking the above few sentences into account what follows is the re-written paragraph on Wanda Dee.

Lawanda McFarland, professionally known as Wanda Dee is a Bronx born hip-hop artist. In 1988 she made the classic anthem To The Bone. The KLF sampled two lines from it and used these samples on the hit versions of What Time Is Love? and Last Train To Trancentral. This sampling changed the direction of Wanda Dee’s professional life forever. For almost the past thirty years Wanda Dee has been on the road in far flung corners of the world as a celebrated KLF tribute act. Although not a strictly proto-re-enactment, as she is still out there doing it, Wanda Dee has to be recognised for what she has done and is still doing in the name of not just proto-re-enactment but full on KLF Re-Enactment. You might be able to find evidence of some of her Re-Enactments out there on the vast terrain of YouTube.

Wanda Dee is definitely Lateral Not Literal, as we hope the photograph that will accompany this piece will show – not a hooded cowl in sight.

Below is a photograph of Wanda Dee and three of her KLF tribute backing band. Which of them is playing the part of Jimmy Cauty or Bill Drummond has long been debated by former members of The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu.


Magnus Rosman with AMF

In 2015 from somewhere arrived Magnus Rosman with AMF and their high budgeted take on 3am Eternal. We have no explanation, but it can be found on here – maybe more information when we have it.


01 01 2017 KLF What The Fuck Found VHS

Then on the 1st of January 2017 a very rough and ready video mash up “documentary” was uploaded onto YouTube. It seems to have the title: 01 01 2017 KLF What The Fuck Found VHS.

The faction in The Society who think the whole idea of a KLF action Lego movie would be the ultimate sellout, cite this film as the only true KLF documentary that could ever be made. We on The Kommittee have no idea who made it or where they might be hiding. We would like to know. This is the LINK. Also mirrored here.


The Discovery of America

Maybe the greatest proto-re-enactors were The KLF themselves. In late 1991, on the 007 Stage at Pinewood Studios, under the direction of Bill Butt, The KLF made their widescreen video for America: What Time is Love? For this they used a fake Viking longboat, left over from the Terry Jones film Erik the Viking. As for the crew of this fake Viking longboat The KLF, enlisted the services of a very real Viking re-enactment society. And together they re-enacted Leif Erikson’s “discovery” of America, which happened almost 500 years earlier than Christopher Columbus’s so called ‘discovery’.

There are those that argue Columbus was in fact a re-enactor of Erikson. But we in The Society feel that one can only be a re-enactor if you are aware of your re-enactmant.

Maybe it is time to go and listen to 96 Tears by ? & The Mysterians, to get your proto-re-enactment mind in motion.



There always has to be a Holy Grail.

The to-do-list for any common-or-garden KLF re-enactment society might include the following:

But the Holy Grail of any such to-do-list for your common-or-garden KLF re-enactment society would be to burn one million pounds sterling, in the early hours of the 23rd of August 2034, in a derelict boathouse, on a remote Scottish island. Sadly this last one will remain a Holy Grail due to one or all of the following three reasons: 

Luckily for you, as a member of not just any common-or-garden KLF re-enactment society, but as a member of The KLF Re-Enactment Society, your to-do-list can be a lot more conceptual, creative and challenging than the one above.


Lateral Not Literal



For now we see through a glass darkly
But then face to face
Now I know in part
But then shall I know even as also I am known

For any KLF re-enactment society to flourish there needs to be Mirror Holders. Especially if they are free of a London-centric media elite mind set.

The KLF Re-Enactment Society are very lucky that there has been a tradition of these Mirror Holders that goes way back several decades to when a fifteen year old school boy from East Grinstead wrote and self-published Justified & Ancient: The Unfolding Story of The KLF.

The mirrors they hold will not only reflect what they see, they will also refract light given off by the times we are crawling through.

The refracted light in turn enlightens the darkened corners.

And sometimes it helps if the mirror is cracked.

The cracked mirror can always be relied upon to reveal unseen if unwanted truths.

And sometimes it helps if we whisper to ourselves quietly that quote from Paul’s First Epistle to the Corinthians that has been used as a quote at the top of this section.

Since the dawning of the digital age there has been a number of these Mirror Holders using the online world as their medium of reflection and refraction. The cracked digital platform doing as good a job as a real cracked mirror ever did.

In a remote corner of rural Ireland hides a Facebook page called Searching For The White Room. We are informed that it has continuously explored the backwaters of the various KLF histories since 2012.

In middle Europe there is an unofficial website called www.klf.de

From 1997 this website has chronicled KLF connected events past, present and future, all with a Germanic slant.

In Brighton by the Sea, a holder of particularly cracked mirror, revealed how the actions taken on that remote Scottish island in 1994 was the first domino to fall that led the financial crash in 2008.

And there is a site that states it is “The unofficial press archive for The KLF, also known as The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, further more known as The JAMs.” The site is called www.whatthefu.uk

And a Welcome To The Dark Ages website driven by the unknown Mirror Holder, holding a mirror up to the darkness.

Then there is Wikipedia.

The multi layered circular referential universe of Wikipedia.

Almost since Wikipedia’s inception back in 2001, there have been numerous KLF related pages. These have been driven by an international editorial team, None of whom have ever knowingly conversed directly or indirectly with The KLF.

There might be Facebook groups that rise up and fall apart.

And Twitter accounts doing what Twitter does.

And films that get released or don’t get released.

And books published in London waiting for sales that might never come.

Then there is Andy Gell, with his self-published library of books detailing events and expressing opinions. Andy Gell is a solid gold Mirror Holder for life. His books can be found at the usual online sources.

But even more important than his books is The 400 Remix Project by The 400 that Andy Gell has curated. You can listen and find out more by clicking on their Band Camp page here.

And then there is the Boudica of Our Dark Ages – Vicky Pea, with what must be one of the most inspiring blogs ever written about those months and weeks and days and hours and moments that led up to and tipped us all from the times of proto-re-enactments into the unfolding Wild West age of Re-Enactments.

Visit Vicky Pea’s KLF Khronicals at Planet Slop and weep.

All of this…

All of this, from the 15 year old Peter Robinson’s opening lines of Justified & Ancient: The Unfolding Story of The KLF back in 1992, to yesterday’s updated edit on The KLF Wikipedia page, by Monkbot.

All of this, be it driven by a yearning for a lost youth, or a need to put the world to rights, or celebrate what can be, and should be, and will be – What is and What Should Never Be, or just to fill in the dark hours during another lockdown in the making, is fuel for not just any klf re-enactment society but Thee KLF Re-Enactment Society… The Society.

This Society.

Your Society.

Be it the minimalist neo-realist classic that is the Ice Kream Van as a shopping trolley or a month long residency at the Camden Roundhouse by The Legendry Texas Timeboys (the hardest working KLF tribute band still on the road), performing their take on Chill Out (Elvis Presley samples included), with or without the Messerschmitt* fly past.  

*The Messerschmitt having The Pyramid Blaster icon replacing that of the Luftwaffe cross on its fuselage and wings.

Lateral Not Literal Versus Literal Not Lateral

Earlier in this inaugural address, we hinted at the factionalism that could undermine the unity of purpose of our Society – and our hope that these divisions could be healed in the future.

But we are also aware, it could be those very divisions, and the debates they inspire, that are the flux our Society needs to bind us, thus survive the challenges of the coming decades.

As must be obvious to the majority of members of The Society, we, on The Kommittee, come from a more New Lateral way of approaching our responsibilities.

Our leaning towards the New Lateral approach in KLF Re-Enactment, was spawned by the damage done to lives, and the lives of family members brought on by the more Hard Literal approach, reflected in actions taken in a derelict boat house, on a remote Scottish island, several decades ago.

We are aware that there are some in The Society who thought we should have taken a more Hard Literal approach to our Re-Enactment of the album formerly known as Chill Out, rather than the New Lateral approach we chose to take in Chapter Three of Samplecity Thru Trancentral, a chapter currently known as Come Down Dawn.

Our Three Score Years and Ten have been almost spent.

Our time on The Kommittee will not last, will come to an end.

There will be young and hungry members that will rise up to take our place.  They will want to stir the pot and shake things up.

We are all aware, there are those on the Hard Literal wing of The KLF Re-Enactment Society, who will stop at nothing until there is a West End musical that is a total Hard Literal type Re-Enactment of all of the Top of the Pops performances given by The Timelords, The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu and The KLF, presented by the real Dave Lee Travis and featuring the real Gary Glitter. Even the one where The KLF flew to Tokyo for the expresses purpose of standing on a hill with Mount Fuji in the background with a live camera link through to the Top of the Pops studio, so they, The KLF did not have to actually perform Justified & Ancient on Tops of the Pops but instead could introduce the video of it starring Tammy and Ricky (Ricardo Da Force).
And the acid trip The KLF had afterwards.
Lost and lonely in the streets of Tokyo at 3am.
And the death of Freddy.
And the death of Ricky.
And the death of Tammy.
And the death of Top of the Pops.
And the jailing of Dave Lee Travis.
And the jailing of Garry Glitter.
And Jonathan King asking to manage The KLF.
And the jailing of Jonathan King.
All on stage in a Shaftsbury Avenue theatre with coaches coming in from Cardiff and Liverpool and Leeds.
Andrew Lloyd Webber will weep.
New Lateral Versus Hard Literal
Hard Literal Versus New Lateral

Our very own Yin and Yang.


You see that is where the Hard Literal can get things wrong, All that attention to detail and they miss the fact it was the video for America: What Time is Love? and not Justified & Ancient that The KLF introduced on Top of the Pops while standing on a hill with Mount Fuji in the background. The Justified & Ancient Top of the Pops was the one where they appeared live in the BBC studio dressed up as The Ice Kream Kones (The IKK), with a live link to Tammy Wynette from a gig she was doing somewhere in the Deep South. If you are going to lean to the Literal at least get your facts right. And why not invite Sparks as special guests to perform Number One Song In Heaven.

And in an attempt to bring this first annual address to The KLF Re-Enactment Society to an almost close, we will return to the musical analogies that we have laboured with earlier…


Like that moment when Siouxsie, from the Bromley Contingent, said “I’ve always wanted to meet you” and Bill Grundy responded “Did you really? We’ll meet afterwards, shall we?” being the moment the tectonic plates of a generation irrevocably shifted.


If dance music is more your thing – that moment down at Heaven on a Monday night in April ’88 and Oakenfold has just dropped the needle into Frankie Knuckles take on Baby Wants To Ride and you ask yourself “What time Is love?” being the very moment you knew that music could never sound the same again.


The same in every Lateral way possible as when Philip K Blake rode his fake Ford Timelord recklessly up and down Bold Street late in the evening of the 22nd of August 2017 being the moment KLF re-enactment truly lost its “proto” prefix.

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
And if I die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take

And now…

We, The Kommittee of The KLF Re-Enactment Society would like to acknowledge with gratitude the following for their ongoing input into the archiving of the pre-history of The Society:

Andy Gell; Mark Silver; James E; Darren Tyler; Andy Lee; Jethro R Binks; Matthew Dixon; Clarkson Clarkson; John Barrett; Better For Birds; Taras Young; Eric Floyd; Mark Rolfe; Israel Sánchez Fuster; Lee Holden; Ghislain Rozet; Erik Jorgenson; Matt Wells; Mr. Hopkinson; Peter Robinson; Nick Gilmour; rh morgan; Paul Jeff; Jim McCauley; Dominic Parker; Tom Edwards; Andrew McCombe; Gary Aster; Ian Redfern; Stuart Betts; Darren Tyler; Stephen Rennicks; Bill Perry; Simon Stokes; Fredrik Wik Clarke; Snafu Principle; Stephen Clarke 1980; Chris Payne; Dominic Wade; Blazblog Overseer; Bill Butt; Jai Nelson, Thomas Touzimsky, Andrew Moss, Jim McCauley…

And counting.

If you know any names or missing information or have pictorial evidence of any of the above re-enactments or overlooked proto-re-enactments, please forward them to history@klfrs.com.

And one day all of this growing list of names will be added to The KLF Re-Enactment Society’s Wall of Fame.

Yours Sincerely,

The Kommittee

@ The KLF Re-Enactment Society



As you are probably aware, as members of The KLF Re-Enactment Society ourselves, our first major work, is what we hope to be a lateral telling of the story of the recorded output of The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, The Timelords, The KLF etc etc. This story is entitled Samplecity Thru Trancentral. This story is being told in various chapters, over several months, using the medium of streaming.

We will also be starting work on our other major re-enactment – The Brixton Tapestry. This as its name implies will be a re-enactment of the legend of Justified Ancients of Mu Mu using the medium of tapestry.

No member of a serious re-enactment society likes to think of what they are doing as a hobby but…

We on The Kommittee have to fit our re-enactment responsibilities, as time allows, around our day jobs as pyramid builders at K2 Plant Hire Ltd. And on that topic we hope to see some you at the next Toxteth Day of the Dead – Great Pandemic willing.

In the meantime we encourage you to take the moments, episodes, epochs in the story of The KLF in whatever way your imagination guides you and with whatever medium you choose. And then forward to us, The Kommittee, whatever documentation you have, so we can present it and celebrate it as best we can to the world on this The Society’s website.

And you can rest assured it will remain free of Like buttons and ratings out of ten.

Good Luck.



On uploading the The First Annual Address to The KLF Re-Enactment Society (KLFRS), on the 15th of February 2021, we on the Kommittee received numerous communications from around the globe, informing us of other substantial proto-re-enactments, Re-Enactments and Mirror Holdings. This has prompted us to add this Post The Postscript section to The Address. It is here that we will add information concerning these substantial proto-re-enactments, Re-Enactments and Mirror Holdings over the coming days, weeks and months.

This information will be uploaded and added to as we receive the information, thus not in historical order


Snafu Principle

One of the first we on The Kommittee received was an email from someone or something calling itself Snafu Principle. It read as follows:

To The KLF Re-enactment Society,

The catalogue of KLF re-enactments will never be complete, and even determining the criteria for inclusion is a fools errand.

But on August 23rd 2017 at the stroke of midnight, just as The Ice Kream Van emerged in Bold St and the tail lights of Ford Timelord disappeared ahead of it, a mysterious recording emerged from Snafu Principle, purporting to be the work of Rockman Rock and Kingboy D

"2017 WTF is Going On" reconstructed and updated 1987, replacing the original censored samples with their 2017 equivalents - with Ed Sheeran playing the part of Sam Fox, and Donald Trump as Petula Clark.  No new music. 

In those heady Liverpool days almost anything seemed possible, and perhaps it was.  Rumours and counter-rumours flew, and Snafu Principle would perhaps have finally received the adulation they deserved had Badger Kull not stolen the stage.  Despondent, but not dejected, Snafu Principle would subsequently attempt to re-invent ambient house through re-releasing "Spaced" using entirely new sources, but by then it was too late.  The damage was done, the contradictions were embraced and the black coffee was going cold.

The ambiguities remain, but no history of KLF re-enactments would be complete without mention of this episode.

Snafu Principle.


Click here and listen.


The People’s Pyramid by Monomorte

An artist going under the name of Monomorte created a piece of music to the glory of the People’s Pyramid, it was subsequently used as the soundtrack for The BBC Radio 4 programme about The People’s Pyramid. The track involves the re-enactment of a number of the themes found in the work of The KLF etc. It can be found on sound cloud and can be listened by clicking here.


DJ Renigade

Space an album by Space (aka Rockman Rock) originally released by KLF Communications in 1990 has been re-enacted several times including this version by DJ Renigade (aka Robert Stringer). It can be listened to by clicking here.

This is a screen grab from DJ Renigade’s Bandcamp page.



Who Sampled The JAMs? an EP by NOISESURFER might be a re-enactment of Chill Out but in California. To listen to it click here.



Looking 4 The KLF by Pop Inc was released in the USA in 2010. The recording and the accompanying video re-enacted many of the themes used by The KLF in their Stadium House phase. To look and listen click here. Also mirrored here. 

The above is a screen grab from POP Inc’s video on YouTube


Welcome To The Dark Ages

Welcome To The Dark Ages was a chapter in the novel 2023. The title of this chapter was then re-enacted as a name for a three-day event in Liverpool in the August of 2017, which was then re-enacted as the title of a film about The People’s Pyramid shot around The Toxteth Day of the Dead in 2018. This film was made by Paul Duane. This film is available for streaming by clicking here.


It’s Brill Up North

It’s Brill Up North by G-Force is a proto-re-enactment of It’s Grim Up North by The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu. But instead of towns and cities in Humberside, Yorkshire and Lancashire, it celebrates towns and cities in the North East of England. It’s Brill Up North was recorded and released in 1992 and produced by Blaster Bill and SR2. Instead of using Jerusalem for the music for the closing section, they have chosen to use the Geordie song Blaydon Races

Blaster Bill is now an air-traffic controller.

It can be listened to by clicking here. And also here.


The Pirate Party UK

The Pirate Party UK was a political party formed by Andrew Robinson in 2009, influenced by an assumption that The KLF was an acronym based on the following three words – Kopyright Liberation Front.  Or that is what we on The Kommittee have been led to understand.

Andrew Robinson as then Party Leader campaigned in the 2010 general election as one of 9 candidates in as many constituencies.

The Pirate Party UK’s manifesto was built around principles of free speech and copyright reform. The Pirate Party UK continued to operate for 10 years until the party's decision to run a Pirate Bay proxy server led (in an entirely unintentional act of re-enactment) to their threat of financial ruin by the MCPS. This was when the Pirate Party UK closed shop.

As stated earlier in the History of The KLF Re-Enactment Society, it is not us on The Kommittee to judge the value or morals of members and the re-enactments they carry out.

To know more about The Pirate Party UK read their Wikipedia page by clicking here.



It has been brought to our attention, as in we that are on the current Kommittee, that some members of The Society have been selling their re-enactments online, as if they were the work of other members of The Society. We would like to take this opportunity to state that we on The Kommitte are not currently in the business of selling our own re-enactments as one offs or limited editions.

The above is a screen grab of an example of a re-enactment being sold by one member of The Society as if it is the work of another member of The Society.


Between The Click and The Bang

Between The Click And The Bang by Giles Gage-Perkins  was written, printed and published in September 2017. This was the first physical publication produced in response to Welcome To The Dark Ages in August 2017. It was published in an edition of 300. We understand that as yet it has never existed in a digital form. Or this is what we have been reliably told by Andy Gell. Thus Giles Gage-Perkins is a Mirror Holder of note.

Click here to view the fate to the final copy of Between The Click and The Bang. Also here.



This is 3am Eternal as performed The JAMs Versus Extreme Noise Terror, but edited to a film clip of the band EMF performing live at Club Sitti in Kawasaki in Japan on the 3rd of September 1991 – at the height of their global Unbelievable popularity. 

To listen and watch click here. Or here. 

We have to thank VHS Digger for constructing this re-enactment on the 21st of September 2020.

And to almost quote the unknown Knockman Knock “Once upon a time in a parallel universe, King Boy E and Acidman Acid wanted to finally record The Black Room but called upon a different band...


K Resuscitation

Also in Japan…

Our attention has been brought to the work of K Resuscitation, a proto-re-enactor working diligently at the other side of the world to most of us in The Society.

In 1999, K Resuscitation released two separate re-enactments of The KLF's work. One of these was uploaded onto YouTube on the 20th of December 2020. Some members of The Society consider this to be a classic in the then popular 160 BPM mode of operations. Click here and judge for yourself.

In 2006 and 2007, K Resuscitation, now operating under the name Emperor Palpatine did a series of performances billed as Tokyo KLF Communications.

The documentation of these performances were uploaded onto the YouTube in two parts at some time over the passing of the years. They can be listened to by clicking on here and here.

In 2015 K Resuscitation performed live in Tokyo for 23 minutes.

In the early era of Twitter, K Resuscitation started a Twitter feed that continues to this day. It has veered far off into the Japanese culture of the passing time. Click here and consider your options in life.

These Re-Enactments are mirrored on a KLFRS YouTube channel

The above is the original sleeve of the CD released by K Resuscitation in 1999.



As yet we don’t know who or what the Kindred Luft Front are or is…

But on the 10th of January 2021, they re-enacted the original DEAD PERCH LOUNG graffiti done by the then Justified Ancients of Mu Mu back in August 2017, on the same wall, outside of the Kimchi Factory on Roscoe Lane, Liverpool, tagging themselves underneath.

We believe there is more to The Kindred Luft Front than just this one graffiti. We hope to learn more.

Photograph taken by Paul Sullivan.


The Argentinian (aka Sergio Arturo Lera)

The Argentinian (aka Sergio Arturo Lera), set up the first KLF Facebook page. The reason being was that he wanted to belong to a KLF Facebook page and there was not one for him to join.

At some point in time The Argentinian (aka Sergio Arturo Lera), received what he thought was the 'official' mark of The KLF.

As far as we understand The KLF never had and never will have an ‘official’ mark.

We on the Kommittee of The KLF Re-Enactment Society have never had and never will have a Facebook page. It is not within our remit.


Tensta Gospel Choir

Russell K Prick (aka Peter G) has informed us of the AMF version of 3am Eternal that was documented earlier in the History was a proto-re-enactment by the Stockholm based Tensta Gospel Choir.

The Tensta Gospel Choir proto-re-enactment was then commissioned to be filmed as a proto-re-enactment of The KLF’s video of the same song, by the Swedish pension fund corporation entitled AMF.

This video was widely broadcast as a commercial on network Swedish television for two weeks. It then disappeared.


Dai Kuwa

Dai Kuwa was a major but hidden re-enactor of much of the KLF Katalogue.

He has then used these re-enactments as the soundtrack to many of his fishing expeditions in the Japanese rivers, lakes and seas.

His version of Build A Fire as the sound track to the catching of a Rainbow Trout is considered a classic in the Komplete Angler's arm of The Society.

Watch and listen by clicking here. Mirrored here.

This to us is a new level of Lateral-ism in the canon.

We have to thank Mr. Hopkinson for alerting us to this.


DJ Food & Mister Trick

DJ Food & Mister Trick proto-re-enactment which goes under the title of The KLF – the Sound of Mu(sic), goes back to the early days of MySpace, but can be found on DJ Food’s own site by clicking here.

We have to thank Stuart Goldie for pointing us in the right direction here. 


Thomas Ecke

Thomas Ecke is a German artist. His chosen medium is photography. He is also one of the major Mirror Holders in The Society. His photographic documentation of the three days in August 2017 known as Welcome To The Dark Ages is as comprehensive as is possible. We hope that at some time in the future a selection of these photographs will be part of an exhibition of our Society’s work.


Ice Kream Van arrival on Bold Street

In the early hours of the 19th of February 2021 we received a second email from VHS Digger.

What follows is second paragraph in the email:

The first thing is a multicam edit of Ice Kream Van arrival on Bold Street which I put together on August 30th, 2017. I couldn't be there on August 23rd but I did follow all the social media reports and uploads at the time. Having collected virtually every video upload I could find online, be it a shaky smartphone recording or a more stable tv broadcast footage, I realised all those video recordings cover the entire arrival sequence from multiple angles, making it possible to re-enact a linear multicam portrayal of Ice Kream Van voyage down Bold Street which lasted exactly two minutes and forty five seconds (until being successfully parked). But the footage doesn't end there, there is also your short journey from the van, through the crowd, into the entrance of "News From Nowhere". I remember I synced it all up using cues such as visual flashes and the chimes from the van. The audio is a mix of the best available recordings.

Click here to watch and listen to this full scale Re-Enactment. Also mirrored here.


Doctorin' The Sheriff  by The Timewhores

The second paragraph in VHS Digger’s email read:

The second thing is a re-enactment of "Doctorin' The Tardis" video which happened on February 5th, 2000. I was zipping through satellite channels and suddenly something caught my eye on Babylon Blue channel. This was an unscrambled erotic channel which showed pornographic movies with all the sexual intercourse scenes cut out (castrated much like the recent "Chill Out" streaming reissue). The thing which caught my eye was the famous 80s icon of the pornographic business, Ron Jeremy, driving a late 60s Ford police car somewhere in the countryside. It turned out, Ron was playing a deputy, and he and the sheriff of an unnamed county were both chasing some evasive hookers, much in the same way Ford Timelord was chasing Daleks in the 1988 video. I just couldn't believe my eyes, some various shots matched almost exactly, including the aerial shot of the police car going down the countryside road almost like it was driving through Avebury. So I fired up an ancient copy of Adobe Premiere, cut the Babylon Blue footage and synced it up with the audio from "Doctorin' The Tardis" video. Since I had creative control over the edit, I decided to not let the car win this time. Instead, the Ford, the sheriff and his deputy all end up somewhere in the bushes. Years later I tracked the film down, it is titled "Bad Girls II" and was released in 1983. I christened my video re-enactment as "The Timewhores - Doctorin' The Sheriff".

Click here to watch and listen to this proto-re-enactment. It is also mirrored here.

We on The Kommittee are hoping that VHS Digger might find the time and inspiration to use one or more of the Wanda Dee’s YouTube clips of her performing What Time is Love? and edit it to 3am Eternal by The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu Versus Extreme Noise Terror.


D J Yoghut & Koyas

In the year 2010 two DJs by the name of Yoghurt & Koyas thought ‘What if Chill Out was made in Japan?” so they answered their question by making it and releasing it on CD and vinyl.

We have to thank Robin Osborn for alerting us to this information.

Click here to listen and contrast. Mirrored here.


Tokyo Tower

Then there is the German calling himself Tokyo Tower with his KLF Versus Tokyo Tower – 2023. That may have been loaded up in 2009.

Click here to listen. It is also mirrored here.



XII KLF might be the first time that a 12” mix of a KLF track has been remixed and remodelled as a Volkswagen in a car park. As yet we do not know who was responsible for this radical remix / remodel, but we do know it was first spotted by a member of The Society, who goes by the nom de plume My Chum Hannah.


DJ Kuta & C-Row

DJ Kuta & C-Row - KLF Remodelled & Remixed - Last Train To Trancentral (Found In Kuta's Dustbin)

Click here to compare and contrast. Mirror.


The JAMs "1987 - The 45 Edits" 12 inc

We here on The Kommittee got the following email from Paul Locker on the Friday the 19th of February 2021

Good Evening Society.

A couple of possible proto-re-enactments to add to the list:

Surely the very first example of re-enactment was The JAMs "1987 - The 45 Edits" 12 inch. Whilst being a sample-free re-enactment in itself, much like the recent "Come Down Dawn", it was also a call to others to re-enact the original "1987 What The Fuck Is Going On" LP, listing all the samples used and how to use them. Maybe recordings exist of these early re-enactments?

Another possible candidate is "The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu - 20 Greatest Hits EP", aka "The Big Fat 45". An unofficial 12 inch released by Fierce Records early in 1988, it was said that it had "no connection to the actual Justified Ancients of Mu Mu", but if I remember correctly it was very much in the cut-up-sample style of the early JAMs records. A re-enactment of a JAMs record, using the JAMs name.

Hopefully these are of some use to you.

Paul X 

It now seem to be generally agreed by The Society that The JAMs 1987 - The 45 Edits 12” was in fact the very first proto-re-enactment.


Last Tram to Mancentral

Last Tram to Mancentral is a long lost website, run by a Mr Benjamin Wheeler. We can only imagine what was there. Those days have gone. It is no longer the Wild West.


TK Joins The JAMs

Another lost and lonely website holding up a cracked mirror. It was last updated on the 11th of January in the year 2000 by a Lawrence Eng.

As in back in the days before Google made actually knowing anything meaningless



Kaiser Chiefs Versus KLF

This proto-re-enactment of What Time Is Love? from a Yorkshire perspective was originally recorded by Kaiser Chiefs for a BBC Radio 1 session.

Since its broadcast many have demanded that Kaiser Chiefs re-enact all of The Stadium House Trilogy. We on The Kommittee await.

To listen click here (also mirrored). Then consider what Kaiser Chiefs take on Last Train to Trancentral and 3am Eternal would be like.


Lily Allen & Her Model Village 

What follows is a screen grab of a Tweet that went out to over five million of Lily Allen’s Twitter followers. We understand that in 2016 Lily Allen deleted all her backlog of Instagram uploads. If any members of The Society have a visual record of Lily Allen’s proto-re-enactment please forward it to us at admin@klfrs.com so that we can document here on The Society’s site. `As for Da’John, let us hope he has repented his shortcomings.



We on The Kommttee received and email from the  Mirror Holder at large Andrew McCombe telling us:

I am the owner/creator of https://wanda-dee-is-not.the-klf.com/. The webpage is intended to provide facts on Wanda Dee's 'involvement' in The KLF.  No mud slinging or cheap digs - just the facts.

But Is It Art by The Music & Video Exchange

In the year 2014 The Music & Video Exchange celebrated the 20th anniversary of the burning by…

Click on here to read and see.



aka The Argentinian aka Sergio Lera.
We have heard from The Argentinian before.
This time he sent an email containing the following words:

Under the alias byPrimo, for years I've been doing small remixes, although I'm proud of some of them, like for example 'Melodies From The White Room - The Full Remix', which is a remix of the unfinished film. If you have 45 minutes to spare I invite you to watch it on my Youtube channel (or listen to it on SoundCloud) and check out other mixes like the 'Pure Trance Minimix', or the tribute to the 30th anniversary of 'Space' accompanied by excerpts from science fiction films, and for those who would like to download the audio in flac there are also CD designs available to print.

It is not our job to judge but we can safely say that his work is the most southerly renactment made by a member of The Society in the Americas.

Click here and listen


The Komplete History

No history is complete.

But that is not going to stop Darren Tyler holding his mirror up to the life and times of Ford Timelord (aka The JAMs-Mobile) in all its realities, proto-re-enactments and Re-Enactments. From long before Doctorin’ The Tardis to way beyond now.

The work of some members of The Society is beyond true diligence.

Click here and conjecture.

The Komplete Discography

Jethro R Binks is the kompletist’s kompletist.
Jethro R Binks has been working and reworking on KLF discographies from the earliest of days.
Jethro R Binks work will never be kompleted.
There is no such thing as Kompletion.

That said his work has continued to spread and seep through the years, like that damp patch that keeps reappearing through however many coats of paint are applied to the wall.

What follows is an email that we on The Komittee received on the 22nd of February 2021 from Jethro R Binks:

In the language of "mirror holders", I might humbly submit my own contributions as very early examples, possibly the first?

In around 1988, inspired by the revolutionary and awe inspiring 1987 Completist List included with JAMSLP2, I started cataloguing the musical activities of the JAMs.  Attached v1-1 is the oldest extant version, and you can see it got re-organised as shown in v2-1.  These are the paper copies that I maintained while at college.  When I got to University, it all got typed up and maintained electronically, and I'm sure I'll have copies of those around somewhere.  That's about when I started writing to PeteR too.

Of course, then my work was the basis of the discography in Record Collector in April 1991, I think Cressida or Pam had passed it on and I spoke with the editor on the phone a couple of times and made a pass at the accompanying text.


and of course my update letter in the following issue:


A later variant also appeared in Fonorama from Poland, I had a letter from the editor of that:


(all the other pages you can see at Andy's marvelous  http://whatthefu.uk of which you are already aware).

This was the start of many discography things I did in those years.

I think Lazlo Nibble (Ernie Longmire) deserves a huge credit for continuing the discographies electronically.  Although not updated any more, before the days of discogs.com, his was the most complete listing you could get.


I contributed lots to it, and speculation or questionable supposition from me there has subsequently become documented fact (back then it tooks years; now you just have to write something "as fact" on Facebook and people believe you! Or it seems anyway, from the crazies ...).  Like the release date of "Who Killed The JAMs" which was narrowed down on the basis of two diary entries of mine but I've never seen officially confirmed I don't think; like the KLFVT004 catalogue number being entirely an invention of mine based on KLFTVT007, and the existence of the KLF004CD that is a mispress and plays part of Knebworth concert -- this one actually really is true, it's the one I bought from an actual shop.  I never did get a replacement proper one.

As one more contribution for the time being, it would be a deep honour if you could find a space to mention the late Tim Denton 'gunnertim', who was super knowledgeable and a deeply committed collector.  He knew his end was coming, and made sure that he properly documented all his rare records, so his wife could ensure she got the best price for them when the time came, which she now does in batches.  He is sadly missed.



Lazlo’s Discography Machine

But by the late 90s when the World Wide Web was beginning to make its presence felt, Lazlo stepped up to the breach with his cracked mirror in hand and on the 27th of July 1997 came this


Rachel Whiteread

Then we on The Kommittee got the following email:

Dear Komittee

I have a set of theories that the artist Rachel Whiteread - both knowingly and unknowingly performed re-enactments of the work of The K Foundation.

1) Intentional proto-re-enactment

Mirroring the work of The K Foundation Rachel Whiteread placed a press advertisement that requested responses from artists.

Attached (Fig. 1) is a scan of the advertisement placed by Rachel Whiteread in Art Monthly magazine, December 1993 (Issue 172) (credit to George Esél or the scan)

I, and fellow KLFRS member George Esél, propose Whiteread intentionally - if loosely - emulated the style of The K Foundation's press advertisements, making use of bold white text on black.

2) Unintentional proto-re-enactments.

It has been historically recorded in the book 'K FOUNDATION BURN A MILLION QUID' (Brook / Goodrick, 1997) That the K Foundation at one point entertained the idea of asking struggling artists to apply for money.

This idea was abandoned on the grounds that "Struggling artists are meant to struggle". (also see attached scan - Fig. 2).

I propose that Rachel Whiteread re-enacted this proposed K Foundation action, despite it being very likely she was unaware of doing so.

2b) Depositing defaced notes in a bank

A proposed second unintentional K Foundation re-enactment by Rachel Whiteread is the depositing of defaced banknotes.

As Rachel Whiteread is documented to have accepted the £40,000 prize on the steps of the Tate, and then to have used this money to set up grants for other artists, it is assumed she must have re-enacted the depositing of defaced cash.

The acceptance of the money is described by Gimpo on November 3rd 1995 in the following passage recorded for Glasgow's Sub City Radio, November 3rd 1995. 

Gimpo: I should have burnt it. I had petrol all over the £40,000, but we'd waited until two minutes past eleven. We were due to wait until eleven o'clock until she came out, but we were told to wait another two minutes and I was well pissed off. I had these matches ready to burn it with all these journalists around me. But then she sent one of her people out and he said "Oh, the money's not real." So I ripped this a wad of £50s off and gave it to him. He looked at it, ran in and then Rachel Whiteread came running out. She just grabbed the money and dragged it over the fence. I was well pissed off because I couldn't burn it.

ref: https://web.archive.org/web/20110927024400/www.libraryofmu.org/display-resource.php?id=416

The question of whether The K Foundation's action of Burning 1 Million Quid was itself a re-enactment of Gimpo's frustrated non-burning at this time, is not being formally presented for consideration by myself, at this time.

2c) I would like to further propose that in giving £10,000 to a charity (SHELTER) as recorded in issue 174 (March 1994) of Art Monthly (fig. 3) Rachel Whiteread pre-enacted - and actualised - a strong and persistent thought-form that would come to be repeatedly generated by The K Foundation, and other organisations and individuals, when presenting documentation, or merely the concept of, the act of Burning 1 Million Quid.

The concept of charitable donation as an alternative to money burning was to be repeatedly vocalised, though dwelling unacted in the minds of a sizeable number of those confronted by the concept of the burning.

I propose Rachel Whiteread actually - though unknowningly - pre-enacted this thought/non-action whose life would come to exisit primiarily in non-physical form in the minds of some at future K Foundation events. 

Additional Information

The artists and organisations that benefitted from the above re-enactments were detailed in issue 174 (March 1994) of Art Monthly. It can be deduced from the figures supplied there that £3,600 was attributed to "Legal Fees and administrative costs". It is not known for sure if included within this figure were charges for the depositing of defaced bank notes.

kind regards,

Leslie Smith

You can watch a video that accompanies this theory here. 


Pyramid Blaster in Minecraft

Minecraft is the biggest selling video game of all time (as at 2021).

One can experience the world of Minecraft in two ways.
The first is Minecraft Creative.
The second is Minecraft Survival.

In Minecraft Creative you can re-build the world in the whatever way you would like it to be, as long as it is built using the bricks that build the Minecraft world and Villagers and Creepers do not come along and annoy you too much.

In Minecraft Survival, your friends and rivals might not only annoy you but destroy you and the world you are creating. Or at least that is how we understand the world of Minecraft to be.

Abigail Brady is an active member of The KLF Re-Enactment Society. She is currently building aspects of the World of The KLF in the Universe of Minecraft.

Below is the email and screen grab we received from her.

We look forward to receiving updates.


i wonder if you might be interested in this piece of virtual KLF re-enactment that I have made - a pyramid blaster in Minecraft (pictured). there is a railway line in front of it which I am considering whether to build the Last Train to Trancentral on.

hope you are well,



Abigail’s Pyramid Blaster in the Universe of Minecraft


The Cube Microplex

In the early hours of the 23rd of November 2015, a hidden organisation named The Cube Microplex, completed a proto-re-enactement of The K Foundation’s Burning of One Million Quid. This was done at a scale of 1 to 1,000.

A film of this proto-re-enactment can be watched by clicking here. With mirror here.

We, on The Kommittee, as yet do not know where or why of this proto-re-enactment took place. If you have answers please email admin@klfrs.com

We have to thank Mirror Holder and Wall of Fame Name, mr hopkinson for making us aware of this proto-re-enactment.


He is not The Mekon
or Where Were You?

Then this email arrived in the inbox:


Dan Dares here, as erstwhile self-appointed photographer of Toxteth Day of The Dead and Bido Litto's photographer for Welcome To The Dark ages, I’ll throw myself into the re-enactment camp, as I’ll be visually documenting The People's Pyramid every year till I’m part of it!

Dan Dares

To view Dan Dares work documenting Welcome To The Dark Ages click here.

To view Dan Dares work documenting Toxteth Day of the Dead 2018 click here.

To view Dan Dares work documenting Toxteth Day of the Dead 2019 click here.

Nota Bene : At last time of checking these links were marked as private.

Further question asked of Dan Dares by The Mekon

I was waiting in a bar where were you?
I was buying you a drink where were you?
I was crying home in bed where were you?
I watched you from a distance did you see me?
I was standing a queue did you see me?
I had yellow hair did you see me?
I want to talk to you all night do you like me?
I want to find out about your life do you like me?
Could you ever be my wife do you like me?

Will The Mekon ever be a Brick?


Amnesia Book Of Love – 1991

Or maybe ’92

Then at 07:32 on the 24th of February 2021, we on The Kommittee got this email from a Lee Holden:

Don’t know if you know about this but I went to a rave in about 1991 and the special mystery guest was 808 State but they came on in KLF robes to the What Time Is Love? riff.

I had an out of body, that my rave mates described after the fact, it reminds me of the description from my parents of my reaction to seeing The Wombles on an open top bus in Morecambe when I was 2 or 3.

The rave in question was Amnesia Book Of Love / House Wedding somebody had their wedding at a bleedin’ rave. Whatever next?

Their version of events from https://www.808state.com/various/interview/1994-07-00-Eternity-Article.htm

“The band always seem to go down well in America, but then again the same thing can be said for over here. At Mickey Lynas' Amnesia House wedding they dressed up as The KLF and started to do their P.A. to the sound of What Time Is Love?. Then, without any warning, they ripped off their masks and belted out their awesome masterpiece Cubik. The crowd went through the roof.”

That’s not how I remember it, firstly there was no roof as it was outside also if I went through anything it would have been the floor I was thinking fucking hell not these cunts again as they played every rave at the time.




The One Million Years

Then from somewhere in the year of our Lord 2018 came this.

Who are these people and where did they come from?



Truckstop JAMs

We got the following email from Juli Mallett from The Clockwork Squid. We on The Kommittee think this to be a prime time, pre-realist, proto-re-enactment action across the highways, and freeways and motorways of mainland Europe.

“No sleep ‘til Moscow” we hear them say.

Dear Kommittee,

In 2007, a group of people corresponding on The KLF mailing list worked to put together a compilation called "Truckstop JAMs".  Instigated in particular by (now deceased) devoted list member John Milne, the goal was to create a low-quality CD and cassette which could be placed with other bargain basement compilations at European truck stops and petrol stations, but containing better music.  Numerous tracklists and pieces of concept art were compiled, and some were distributed digitally and made their way onto streaming platforms of the day.  While a few physical prototypes were produced, it is unclear whether any made their way into the hands of truckers buying up discount music during a fill-up in search of a song they once heard.

Yours Faithfully,

Juli @ Clockwork Squid


Were The JAMs really Bros?

What follows is an email exchange between those on The Kommittee and a member of The Society at large:

Dear Madam or Sir,

Hello, hope you can help, I was wondering if the re-enactment society is exclusively for re-enactments of KLF/JAMs media, or if it is open to suggestions slightly outside of this?

Thanks I’m advance,



Chris Blackwell

Dear Chris Blackwell,

What were you thinking?

Yours @

The Society.


Dear Madam or Sir,

Well, reading it in a slightly different (lateral?) way, could it be KLF re-enactments of other things? I did a dumb picture and only really thought about it afterwards.

Yours Faithfully,

Chris Blackwell

Dear Chris Blackwell,

Good to see.


Where does this exist?

As a poster fly posted around your town?

Folded into a paper plane and launched from  the roof of the highest building in a five mile radius of your kitchen?

Folded into a paper boat and launched into your nearest river?


Please send answer and documentation.

We look forward to receiving it.

Yours on The Kommittee

Dear Madam or Sir,

I’ll be honest, it does currently exist as a piece of art on Redbubble, and if it helps go towards the next pack of nappies then I’m happy! However, in the few days it’s been up, it’s already been “appropriated”, or “nicked and put forward as someone else’s work” if you prefer. Even though it’s got my name at the bottom of the image.  https://www.redbubble.com/i/t-shirt/Super-Mu-Mu-Bros-by-ChrisStuff23/72129331.WFLAH?utm_source=rb-native-app&utm_campaign=share-product&utm_medium=ios

Yours Faithfully,

Chris Blackwell



Back sometime in late 2014…

Tom James looked into his cracked mirror and what he saw was a version of history where…


Tom James then tossed a coin.

Tom James is still waiting for the coin to land.


While he waited he wrote a story based on what he saw in his cracked mirror and presented it to the world as Two Lads The Shook The World.

What he wrote can be read by clicking here.


The Alan Parsons Project joins The JAMs

Then we got the following email.

Dear KLF Re-Enactment Society,

Back in August 2020, I created a Mash-Up.

I call it 3am Eternal (The Alan Parsons Project Remix)

If you wanna listen click here.

Hope you enjoy.

Yours Faithfully,

Daniel Benkert


Joe Delnon Remodeled 2017

Another email received on almost the last day of a month is this one:

Good afternoon, 

I have previously been in touch regarding an outfit worthy of a mention in the history of The KLFRS.  

I stumbled across this video some time ago. It seems well edited and sympathetically remixed. As like DJ Kuta & C-Row I wondered if this was worthy of a mention in the history too. I hope the link works. 

With thanks and regards, 

Tom Edwards.

The video is mirrored here.


Why Why Why?

Why? Why? Why? – What Time Is Love? was a radio programme by a Phil Jupitus on BBC Radio 4. It was first broadcast on the 22nd of December 2020. It was rebroadcast on the 27th of February 2021. We don’t know if or when this radio programme might be rebroadcast.

It is a Mirror Holding using the mirror’s refracting properties to shine light into geological strata found in the title of the song in question.


Let Them Eat Cake

We thank Paul Locker for sending.


Matchbox Die Cast Model

We on The Kommittee do not know who this Theo is, but we did get this email in from a John Tam-s Gray. And we recognise that it is a mark of validation for aspects of The Society to have arrived into the world of Matchbox die cast modelling.

Dear Kommittee,

In the course of research for a re-enactment I discovered another circa late 2017.

Theo accepted a commission to re-enact The KLF Ice Kream Van by modifying a Matchbox die cast model.

It is documented here.


John Tams-Gray


Lie Down On The Floor And Keep Calm

One of the major Chill Out proto-re-enactments has been done by the North American artist Oliver ‘Stone Me’ Payne.

Payne has been presenting these proto-re-enactments on numerous occasions and at various locations since the early years of the third millennium.

Payne’s last major performance was well into the era of Re-Enactments. It was at that citadel of modern and contemporary art The Whitney Museum, on Manhattan, New York, USA.

Click here to learn more.

Now click here and read this interview with Oliver Payne.


A Difficult Position

On the 27th of February 2021, we on The Kommittee received the following email from one of the more diligent members of The Society – Jethro R Binks.

Dear Kommittee,

Now far be it from me to put anyone in a difficult position of legal shim-shamery, but the Sound of Mu was kept alive over all these years by the activities of Certain People, who rose above the usual dross of poor quality of photocopied CDR bootlegs.

I offer these names in trust.  MIrror-holders, Laterals or Literals is your choice.

Also lending support to Nick's suggestion of Ben "Jamm!n" Quextal, for the Mancentral archive:


And he might also be submitting Stuart Young, early archivist of articles and ancestor of Andy Lee's latest efforts, in the form of the original Library of Mu:


Also to add to my article's list of Chill Out tributes/inspired by: VHS Dreams "Lost World" (George Dervenagas) from 2017, the first track being a cover of "Go To Sleep", but there are many influences throughout.

Raymond Richards "The Lost of Wandering"

2020 https://raymondrichards.bandcamp.com/album/the-lost-art-of-wandering

That's it for this week's contributions.  Always enjoy looking for updates, although they appear to be getting briefer!

Jethro R Binks

The above email from Jethro R Binks might be a timely place to draw a line.

A line under this section of The Society’s History. And that this line take the form of a closing address from us currently on The Kommitte. A closing address entitled The End of History.

Read it and consider.



So if you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain
If you’re not into yoga, if you have half a brain
If you like making love at midnight, in the dunes of the cape
I’m the love that you looked for, write to me and escape* 

The End of History and The Last Men was the title of a book that was written by the Japanese philosopher Frankie Fukuyama and published in 1992.

In this book Fukuyama argues the case – now that both fascism and communism have collapsed, there will be no heavyweight competition to challenge liberal democracy and the market economy. That even though there are failed states and poverty in the world, it is only a matter of time before modern liberalism will liberate everyone, everywhere…
Even save the rainforests.
Or something like that.
Thus the world will never again be driven by ideologies.
Thus nothing to go to big wars about.

There are those in the dark corners of our Society that think Frankie Fukuyama’s book was nothing but a front. A front for where Fukuyama thought the music of youth, and the music industry that fed off it, had arrived at by 1992.

And it was for these reasons, contained in his sprawling analogy that The KLF had to leave the music industry and delete their entire catalogue.

Since the birth of the teenager, sometime back in the early 50s, it was youth movements that had driven, challenged and inspired so much of Western music. By 1992 the age of youth movements was over. All the battles had been won or lost. All that was left was for music to return to becoming a commodity, to be consumed as leisure activity. Music would become mere entertainment, feeding upon itself.

Being a Revolutionary was no longer on the list of options when it came to your meeting with the school's career advice officer. 

And the record Justified & Ancient, the version featuring Tammy Wynette, was the end point – as in the end point of The History of Music.

Justified & Ancient being a record released at the very end of 1991.

Justified & Ancient being a record where Hendrix, Hip-Hop, art school and the First Lady of Country could sit comfortably by the pool together sipping on their Pina Colada.

There are those that cite an article that appeared in the The New Musical Express (NME) on the 4th of January 1986 by a David Quantick, as the thing that triggered Frankie Fukuyama to attempt to write The End of History and The Last Men. And the most pertinent line in that article by David Quantick was and still is…

One day, on some far distant Top Of The Pops, before the horrified eyes of a nation, pop will eat itself.

The moment, that David Quantick predicted, was in December 1991, when The KLF performed Justified & Ancient on Top of the Pops, dressed up as The Ice Kream Kones.

Were The Ice Kream Kones in fact The Last Men?

*The chorus from Escape by Rupert Holmes.

There are those in an even darker corner of our Society, who do not hold with any of this Frankie ‘Knuckles’ Fukuyama conspiracy theory, regarding Justified & Ancient marking the end point of an era. Instead they believe it was the very recent death of Rob ‘McCoy’ Tyner, who many consider to be the honourary lead singer of The JAMs. They (The JAMs) knew they could not go on without him.



But Jesus stooped down and with his finger wrote in the sand, as though he heard them not.

But the Flow Tide washes away most of the lines we have ever written in the sand, thus so with the line in the sand that was written above under the title of The End of History.

What follows is sporadic collection of proto-re-enactments, Re-Enactments and Mirror Holdings that happened previous to the 1st of January 2021 and that we on The Kommittee have only been made aware of after the 23rd of March 2021.

This sporadic collection will be added to just before a tide might turn.

They are as follows:



The JAMs’ and The KLF’s Invocation of Mu

This is a rather academic document.
Written by:

Jon Fitzgerald of the Southern Cross University


Philip Hayward of the Kagoshima University Research Center for the Pacific Islands and University of Technology Sydney.


Published by the Shima Journal in September 2016.
It can be read in full by clicking here.


Tokyo Air Runners

And this email arrived in late March 2021 from a Spencer Abrams:

Here's a very cool Japanese skatewear brand called "Tokyo Air Runners," that has been around for about 30 years and *still* bases much of their aesthetic and messaging on you-know-who. Take a look. Click here.

Pyramids, sheep, "The Black Room" totes, White Room jewelry, modified logos, and even "Time Foundation" Incense - featuring such flavors as "Under Ambient" and "Hard Chillout."

Click here (mirrored here) for some press from1992: 

How's that for Kopyright Liberation? I think for 2023 I'm gonna write and record my own KLF album and post it online as if it was legit and see what happens. Gonna have to shell out for an old school 909 though.



They Called Me Up In West Berlin

And this email arrived from Thomas Touzimsky


I would like to suggest the inclusion of German punk rock artist Bela B to the History page of the KLFRS website, and by extent the ill-fated KLF vs Germany series. Not only has Bela B & Lula recorded probably the best (or only?) cover version of Justified & Ancient which originally did not get a release as part of the series, to listen and sing along with click here. Also mirrored here.

Bela B also narrated the German version of The Manual.

Considering the KLF vs Germany project was planned as a long-running series but folded after the first couple of releases it could be seen as an early proto-re-enactment of the Pure Trance series, too.




Max Tundra on the Decks

Then this came in from a Bill Perry:

This guy does a fantastic version of What Time is Love? in his live shows. He is a joy to watch. Click here Mirror here


The MANUAL on Twitter

The ManualHow To Have A Number One The Easy Way was written and published as a book by The Timelords in 1988. Since then it has been translated into a number of different languages and published in a number of different countries.

In March 2018, someone unknown to those on The Kommittee launched the Twitter feed @_the_manual_

The ‘someone unknown’ threatens to tweet a random sentence from The Manual each and everyday until there is no more Twitter left.


It's Further Up North

And so it is the year 2023. We apologise for the delay in service. 

The KLFRS may have been missing for a year - though it is said the 2022 annual address is there somewhere for those with the wit and will to find it. 

The first new submission of this year was received from venerable Society member J R Binks. 

More North than North, Binks goes off-road and totally on-track. 

Click here and now to experience both the 7" and 12" versions of this instant classic re-enactment. 


Rude AI North

The Kommitee welcomes submissions from all and any forms of Re-Enactor and has for some time been braced for the inevitable onslaught of Artificial Re-Enactment. 

The presumed first of many arrived anonymously with no more information than that it was sent from an rude_ai_north@mail.com. 

The nature of the Generated Kontent points to human involvement at some level, however no reply came in response to our response.

Click here to observe what the algorithms dredged from its depths.

We welcome any further information via the usual Kontact page. 



Submitted to The Board by Mr Calvert. Video prepared by Mr Gell. 

The Board welcomes all Re-Enactment Tourism.


None More Literal

A step even further on from Chris Atkins' literal attempts comes from Karel Post. Karel took the time to find accurate instances of the machines originally employed by The JAMs for his sonic Re-Enactments.

We have Pries Verhon to thank for the alert.

See this here.


Waiting Re-Visited

Incoming to the KLFRS mailbox in August 2023 a link to a computer data file from Wall Of Fame-er NOISESURFER. A re-visit of 1990's Atlas Adventure 'Waiting' as originally filmed by Bill Butt.

A corner of The Kanon that until now has been somewhat neglected by Re-Enactors. Joaquín Ronco aka Noisesurfer re-works the material with digital precision for the screen.

As far as we known NOISESURFER isn't amongst the ranks of the feared and respected 'WELL ARDFIN' section of the Society. As in those who have made the pilgrimage to enact their Re-Enactments feet firmly on the Isle. Look at it on your laptops then consider your options.

Find it here.


Mr Green and Team Go To Work

Knowingly or not Mr Green and associates inaugurated the 'Well Ardfin' section of The Society, as in that part of The Society prepared to go all the way to the original site.

Their Proto-Re-Enactment was a funny money burning in the company of Gimpo one year on in the same spot as that K Foundation enactment which casts the longest, most flickering, of shadows.

Maybe misunderstood in it's moment, perhaps still ungraspable now, but for certain an early set of feet to trample the path and pack the earth ahead of all the other pilgrims to come.

Follow the path here.


Re-Actions to 2023 - The 400 Remix Project

Headed up by uber-re-enactor Andy Gell, a dedicated response to the JAMs Welcome To The Dark Ages and '2023', the utopian costume drama trilogy (2017)

Explore the Trilogy via these links  

Book One
Book Two
Book Three


Burn The Shard by Monomorte

Monomorte, the same artist who created a piece of music to the glory of the People's Pyramid which was subsequently used a s a soundtrack for The BBC Radio 4 programme about the People's Pryamid, also created this audio re-enactment of the Burn The Shard Part One event.

Click here to check that out


A La Fu’s Audio Re-Enactment of 2023: A Trilogy 

An audio mix Re-Enactment of 2023 : A Trilogy constructed by A La Fu for the Burn The Shard Part 1 after party, accidentally mislaid until now. Visuals come from Reactions to 2023, who has isolated and extended a 23 second moment from the night on the streets of London.

Thanks go out from The Society for the submission.

Listen and look here


Virtual Actual Un-Solid State 

The Gadget Man produces Re-Enactments that are all in the mind. See here a pixel and screen only Re-Enactment of Sample City Thru Trancentral's '3AM Eternal (Live at the S.S.L.) (Official Video)' spinning in the digital void.

Peer into the notional non-space here


Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 

We have Leslie Smith to thank for alerting us to this Re-Enactment of a Re-Enactment a.k.a. Sample City Thru Trancentral 's ENT vs The JAMs vs AUTOCORRECT.

Or perhaps just a rather perplexed stenographer.

Read along here


Watch KLFRS Vikings Burn a Moody Million 

And information arrived from a group calling themselves "klfrs vikings" They say : This is a re-enactment of the film Watch K Foundation Burn a Million Quid. It was made during early morning of 23 August 2021 in Harray (Orkney, Scotland) and the fisherman’s huts at Sand Geo, Marwick.

Well 'Ard

Viddy well here



Many thanks to Loopmaniac.

The afterlife witnesses your work with wonder

Witness here


Harry and Paul Join The JAMs 

And then the Board was presented with this.

A proposition that the comedians Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse have enacted a raft of re-enactments across their careers.

Observe and Konsider.


S Foundation 

And then this.

Mysterious and dedicated, some sort of Foundation. S, not K.

This is a compilation of two of their broadcasts, relating to Well 'Ard actual outings.

RITES OF MU PROMO '21 for which there is little detail


THE RITES UP NORTH 2021 which they describe thus

On the summer solstice of 1991 The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu celebrated the Rites of Mu for the last known time on the island of Jura, Scotland.

Thirty years later on summer solstice 2021 the S Foundation took up this ancient ceremony again. It was recorded in an old almost forgotten mine in Sweden.

It’s the hope of S Foundation that the Rites Of Mu will occur more regularly the following years, according to our DIY-principles.

Maybe in Scotland, Maybe in Sweden, Maybe in Aulus Les Bains, Maybe elsewhere.

This tradition should also be connected with the Toxteth Day Of The Dead and the building of the Peoples Pyramid.

The first mission of S Foundation was the expedition to Faraid Head, Scotland on the 5-11-2018 to end the moratorium of the K Foundation.

This is the Second S Foundation Mission. The S Foundation Mission of 2021.

Enter their world here.



Submitted by Tiddles 23/8/23

Viewable  here.





Please Note: This Re-Enactment is only viewable in Uzbekistan



The Board have been sent this video by Gary Aster.

It appears to show a certain Mr Tyler engaged in some money burning one-upmanship.

A new classic in the Kanon, referred to in the firey debates in and.around Burning Re-Enactments with the shorthand WDTBTMQ.

Watch Darren Taylor Burn Two Million Quid has been applauded for its multi-layered approach to Re-Enactment incorporating both a real and further re-enacted versions of DJ Food's "Legal Tinder" Million Mu Note, reference to the Cube Microplex's monochrome documentation of it's 1/1000 scale Burning Re-Enactment, and lateral Re-Enactment of the doubling of the prize money for the 1994 K Foundation Prize at the 1993 Turner Prize Awards.

Both Black and White like ash, the Society applauds you Mr Tyler.

See double  here.



It is hoped that one of our Society’s greatest stalwarts, Jethro R Binks, will compile a complete-ist  directory of all proto-re-enactments, Mirror Holdings and Re-Enactments.

Entries will be filed by date and will include a title, a category (proto-re-enactment, Mirror Holding or Re-enactment) and name of who might be responsible. We await his updates.



The KLF Re-Enactment Society’s Wall of Fame

The KLF Re-Enactment Society’s Wall of Fame is an ongoing roll call of names that will include those that have contributed in various ways to The Society’s standing in the world of Re-Enactments. These are the names included as of now:

Matt Porter; Mark Silver; James E; Darren Tyler; Andy Lee; Jethro R Binks; Matthew Dixon; Clarkson Clarkson; John Barrett; Better For Birds; Taras Young; Eric Floyd; Israel Sánchez Fuster; Lee Holden; Ghislain Rozet; Erik Jorgenson; Matt Wells; Mr. Hopkinson; Peter Robinson; Nick Gilmour; rh morgan; Paul Jeff; Jim McCauley; Dominic Parker; Tom Edwards; Andrew McCombe; Gary Aster; Ian Redfern; Stuart Betts; Darren Tyler; Stephen Rennicks; Reactions to 2023; Bill Perry; Simon Stokes; Fredrik Wik Clarke; Snafu Principle; Stephen Clarke 1980; Chris Payne; Dominic Wade; Blazblog Overseer; Bill Butt; Jai Nelson; Thomas Touzimsky; Andrew Moss; Jim McCauley; Andrew Robinson; Mervyn Diese; Jonathon Collis; Chris Burgess; Jonathan Downes; Scaramanga Silk; Mark Love; Ben Graham; John Horabin; HOPPO; Stuart Heritage; Pries Verhon; Darren Tyler; Kevin Lowe; Kurt Savage; Ade and Amanda Cartwright; Nix Moriarty; Mike Cooper; Stephen Clarke 1980; Stephen Mejias; Phil Nash; Johanna Dornell; Robin Scarlett; Luke Elston; Becci James; Al No; Ben Purdy; Amilcar Ortega; Mari Gustafson; El Clayton; Ian Bell; Michelle Olley; Alexander Grundy; Andy Gell; Kate Alderton; Toby Berryman; Mandie Buchanan; Giles Gage-Perkins; Lisa Lovebucket; Emma Hill; Vicky Pea; John Alfred; Will Humphreys; Gary Aster; Gerry Taylor; Peter Horneland; Bill Perry; POP inc; Tom Robinson, DJ Renigade (aka Robert Stringer), NOISESURFER, Darren Hubbard; VHS Digger; Knockman Knock; EMF; Ian SPZ; Peter G; Rob McNeil; Dai Kuwa; Axel Laudan; Travis Lyle; David Hopkinson; Stuart Goldie; DJ Food; Matthew Dixon; Andy Lee; David Hopkinson; Lazlo Nibble (aka Ernie Longmire); Glenn Skelhorn; Mark Rolfe, Kaiser Chiefs; Tim Hunter; Lily Allen; Andrew McCombe; Richard Brown; Pete Cracknell; byPrimo; Darren Tyler; Gunner Tim Denton (rip); Leslie Smith; 808 State; Dan Dares; The Mekons; The Cube Microplex; Abigail Brady;Damian Robinson; Paul Locker; Scott Piering; David Quantick; George Dervenagas; Ben "Jamm!n" Quextal; Do’reen Waddell; Stuart Young; Mike Dutton; Johan Age; Tim Richards; Thomas Dawson; Tom Edwards; Dan Bayliss; Paul Karte; Juli Mallett; Tom James; Chris Blackwell; Daniel Benkert; Paul Locker; Oliver Payne; John Tams-Gray; Jon Fitzgerald; Philip Hayward; Spencer Abrams; Tokyo Air Runners; Thomas Touzimsky; Bela B; Lula; Bill Perry; Max Tundra; Dave Coyle; ODC1; Andy Gell; Squaremeter, John Milne, Ian Redfern, Dan Erlemann, Jez Rothwell, Winston Cousier, Martin Ward, Alex Paterson, Martin Glover, Jurgen Kloppers, Tim Richards, Gimpo, Tony Thorpe, Will Sergeant, Jarvis Cocker, Jeremy Deller, Simon Glass, Stuart Huggett, GANTOB…



So we die
Every last one of us
It’s a fucking outrage*

Lindsey Morgan (Linds E Love);
Francis Riley-Smith;
Tammy Wynette;
Ricardo Da Force;
Matthew Allwork;
Scott Piering;
Do’reen Waddell;
Miomir Grujic (DJ Fleka);
Marc Hawker;
Simon Cauty;
Ian Bryce (Badger Kull-ist);
Phil Vane (Extreme Noise Terror);
Pete Hurley (Extreme Noise Terror);
Larry Adler (Harmonica on The White Room);

Irving Rappaport (Page 122)
John Milne (KLF.de)

Drew Radtke (Dark Age Documenter)

Ian Bell (Page 279)

All members of the Family of Mu – and all dead.

For further information about death and what to do about it click here.

*Claire Callender quote from the film Welcome To The Dark Ages