KLF Re-Enactment Six & Seven


9th of March 2021

OWN and BUY NOW / SELL LATER are the names of two almost identical conceptual Re-Enactments. Each of which were imagined in early March 2021 by two of the more hardcore but rival factions of The KLF Re-Enactment Society.

These conceptual Re-Enactments were inspired by the closing moments of the 1995 Omnibus documentary A Foundation Course in Art, where the film of the K Foundation burning a million quid had been reversed, thus the money was coming back out of the flames and into their hands.

OWN and BUY NOW / SELL LATER Re-Enactments both took the form of imagining the artwork K Foundation Burn A Million Quid being auctioned as an internationally, media enticing, high profile NFT.