KLF Re-Enactment Three


19th of February 2021

On the 19th of February 2021, The Kommittee received a second email from VHS Digger, now one of the more the venerated members of The Society:

Dear Kommittee,

I just refreshed the history section of the klfrs.com website and read the comment made by The Kommittee regarding Wanda Dee and ENT.  I wasn't going to submit this initially, but since you have now asked about this unlikely crossover, I have to report it was already re-enacted on January 14th, 2021. It was my response to a comment made by a certain KLF facebook groupie, who praised the new KLF/ENT 3am video edit on the official KLF youtube channel and remarked that Wanda will now have to include this song during her tour performances. I tried to imagine how would such a performance actually look like and the only thing that worked in the editing suite, was speeding her up Benny Hill style. I think I got bored after getting 45 seconds edited together. Click here to view. [ mirror ]

And while we are discussing Wanda, here is another thing which I guess could be considered as a re-enactment of the presumed reaction of The Kommitte to Wanda and Eric's KLF karaoke show in Tallinn, Estonia on August 23rd, 2018. This was put together on August 27th of the same year. I'm using the medium of Google Drive hosting again as I had one video of Wanda and Eric's performance removed from my VHS Digger youtube channel in the past, which resulted in receiving a kopyright strike. I think the Goddess got angry with me, as I titled her performance as "Wanda Dee's karaoke show in Russia". Anyway, off with the presumed reaction of The Kommittee.

Click here to view.


VHS Digger

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