Dearest GANTOB

Despite being The Tillerman, and the definitive artikle in terms of Tillering this ship, I think that the terms of our correspondence dictate just the simplest of Tillermans going forward. 

Presently, Tillerman is The Tillerman. This arrangement was agreed to last for 23 months from 23/7/23. After that, I fully expect a coup by The 5.

I am still grappling with how to document your inspirational re-enactments. The promise of your own documenting of a magnificent summer, muddies the waters further still. 

Perhaps, less will be more. 

A complete set of pamphlets tells a story of its own. The online accounts, on the usual platforms, tell another story. 

Stories are difficult to pin down. To the best of my knowledge there are two books and one documentary film that tell the story of the events in the history of The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, The Timelords, The KLF, The K Foundation, The One World Orchestra, 2K but not K2 Plant Hire Ltd.

The story that each of them tell is far from komplete. 

To the best of my knowledge there two more books that include eye witness testimony of moments in the story. Maybe, like a hologram, a moment, a fragment, a shard, is enough to tell the story. 

Forgive my musings. I’m writing myself into dead ends when I should be joining the motorway. 

Maybe this email that I am writing now and will finish soon tells all there is to know about the events of GANTOB in the Summer of ‘23. 

There is no need for Tillerman to see any drafts, unless it is a proof-reading assignment. In the past I have been told that reading your text upside down is an excellent way to proof-read your own writing. I have never tried this method, but my understanding is it is the text that is inverted, not the author. 


Carcassonne is a beautiful part of the world. Nearby Rennes Le Chateau continues to reveal new secrets to those that are looking, both above and below the ground. 

All enquiries about the Riot In A Jam Jar series should be directed to L-13. Although this series lies on the periphery of jurisdiction of The KLFRS, is a very hairy dude with a big backpack, and a fierce Boadicea with her Hell Hounds battle over a copy of Jimmy Cauty's Cookbook 5, with a charity worker in a floral dress holding sway not ripe for a repositioning at the hands of GANTOB themselves?

I will continue to grapple with the question of how best to tell The Story Of GANTOB, which I notice has now acquired a Title Case. If nothing else, I consider this as progress. 

Your thoughts on my musings, and anything else, continue to be welcomed. 


A line is always more than a line between two points on a map.



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GANTOB pamphlet 1.pdf
GANTOB pamphlet 2.pdf
GANTOB pamphlet 3.pdf
GANTOB pamphlet 4.pdf
GANTOB Pamphlet 5 On Anonymity.pdf
GANTOB Pamphlet 6 Kultural Vandalism.pdf
GANTOB Pamphlet 7d Antiklimax.pdf
GANTOB Pamphlet 7e Antiklimax.pdf
GANTOB pamphlet 8.pdf
GANTOB Pamphlet 10 Konsolation Prize.pdf
GANTOB Pamphlet 11 Konversion Rate (which is version 2).pdf
GANTOB Pamphlet 12 The Battle of Perth (A Manual).pdf
GANTOB Pamphlet 13 The Father-In-Law.pdf
GANTOB Pamphlet 14_The Sermon (reworked).pdf
GANTOB Pamphlet 15 Lost and Found in Kent.pdf
GANTOB Pamphlet 16 On Anxiety.pdf
GANTOB Pamphlet 17 Little Grapefruit.pdf
GANTOB pamphlet plane.pdf
GANTOB Kompanion_Booklet Print.pdf
A5 Pamphlet 18 (print as booklet).pdf

Dear The Tillerman,

As I approach the end of the first part of my 2023: A trilogy re-enactment (GANTOB.BLOG) I am pleased to share 6 videos that share the process of re-producing Curt Finks' short story (an inadvertent 1987 re-enactment). These will be kollated in blog post 33, which is yet to be named, with The Benefaktor/ The Foundation Doktor wanting to call it "Roland Barthes", while I want to call it "THIRTY-THREE". I will prevail as I am the author of tomorrow's post. 

These 6 videos, soundtracked by The JAMs (including one non-1987 track) document 4 unique pieces of art to be shared with those who successfully completed the Snipped Stuck Solved competition. 

You will find the videos here: 

I hope that you are well,