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The KLFRS can turn back time in ways Cher could only sing about. The Manual you are reading is limited only by your imagination. You, dear reader, are capable of many things. The trick is simply to get out of your own way long enough for you to do those things. However, The People's Pyramid won't be built in a day. Failure will be an inevitable part of your story as much as it has been throughout The History of The JAMs. Alas, we cannot help you to erase the most embarrassing moments from your own life. Your brain will continue to play your personal Epic Fails compilation on repeat during weaker moments regardless of whether this version of The Manual is on your bedside table or not. What we can offer you is the chance to erase any events that you wish had not happened in The KLF Universe.

The possession of great power necessarily implies great responsibility. Therefore, we urge caution in this particular game of JAMs Jenga. If you replace the Glitter beat in Doctorin' The Tardis and The TIMELORDS fail to reach number one the words you are reading may well disappear. Once the bridge is burnt you can never go back. However, our aim is not to terrify you into inaction. The millennium will still be fucked if you delete the mu(sic) of 2K and bodies will continue to sweat to the sound of What Time Is Love with or without Wanda Dee. Your decision to Un-Enact will be a philosophical one. Perhaps The History of The JAMs is better with the mistakes left in? Should the advantage of hindsight be employed to overrule impulsive decisions? They wanted the money, but they wanted to burn it more. If you think that Bill and Jimmy didn't go far enough in simply deleting their back catalogue and incinerating their earnings this is your chance to Un-Enact the lot! Learning when to let go is an important life lesson. Go out in search of Araldite and never look back.