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Chapter 3 : RE-ENACT

Firstly, a clarification.

The hyphen deserves your respect. Make that re-spect.


Find out what it means to me.

The Cambridge Dictionary says this much:

“If you re-enact an event, you try to make it happen again in exactly the same way that it happened the first time, often as an entertainment or as a way to help people remember certain facts about an event.”

Cambridge lies at a crosswords between those that can remember and those that chose to forget.

For the purposes of THIS MANUAL, it is helpful to frame Re-Enactments as historical cover versions.

As was discussed at length in THAT MANUAL, a cover version takes ‘a smash from a previous era…dressing it up in the clothes of today.’

Whilst we recommend appropriate clothing for all Re-Enactments, not least for the purposes of Health and Safety, they are not essential. Inappropriate clothing or no clothing at all are both open for consideration.

What is not, is that the Re-Enactment should take place today. Possibly the day you are reading this. Possibly soon after. But not before. That would be a Pre-Enactment and the Golden Rules for those are discussed later.

If you have an urgent desire to Re-Enact, the History section will give you all the dates necessary. However, you may want to chose a date in the distant future and take a run up at it. We expect Scotland’s Right To Roam Laws to be tested to the limit in the last week of August.

There is a third option. You may prefer to march to the beat of your own calendar, or you may decide upon an impromptu Re-Enactment when a psychogeographical opportunity presents itself. For example, life does not often present opportunities to visit the Sierra Nevada Observatory after a heavy snowstorm.

If you’re looking for precise locations for Re-Enactments there are places you can look. Their accuracy is to be applauded but not entirely endorsed.

So, with time, location and sensible footwear in place all that remains is the choice of Literal or Lateral and your method of documentation. The Depository may currently only exist on a philosophical level, but it craves memories in all their digitised forms. Of course, physical documentation still has its place and The Board are open to a host of Lateral interpretations. In fact, we will be very disappointed if we don’t receive at least one brass rubbing and a couple of watercolours.

Audio Re-Enactments will be tolerated, but choose your instrumentation wisely. Think more Orkester Mandolina Ljubljana and less the Eurobeat setting on Dance eJay. Audio Re-Enactments were the foundation of The KLF’s recorded history. A trilogy of trilogies if anyone was taking notice.

As the Rise Of The Mini-Figs has so clearly demonstrated, when it comes to Re-Enactments, size does matter.

From the tiniest of crop circles to the most massive Wicker Gimpos, there is room at every scale in The Depository.

If your skill set can benefit The Society through the recognition of echoes in the past, then the Department of Pre-Enactment is waiting for your call in the next chapter.

If your desires lie in the ruthless dismantlement of the History that is the remit of The Society, then a subsequent chapter on Un-Enactments will be right up your street.