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Fuck it. The brakes are off.

Let’s not restrict ourselves to Re-Enactments of some few-hit wonders from the early 90s. Let’s grant permission to everyone to Re-Enact everything. The future is just a shinier Re-Enactment of the past. The Beatles can, and probably should, happen again. The world needs another another Ivor Cutler. Anyone can be Lady Gaga for a day with an adequate budget for sequins. Sampling is old hat. What we’re talking about is a total, unshackled Re-Appropriation of culture. If we don’t do it, AI will. It’s already got a couple of new Beethoven symphonies up it’s wire-y sleeve. As we approach the singularity, AI will be Re-Enacting in real time and releasing a new Harry Styles album before his  stylist has measured his inside leg. Stealth reconditioned bomb disposal bots will be gliding down the streets at night, spray painting another BANKSY before the end of News At Ten. And every other school music lesson will spawn another Badger Kull.

It’s time to take culture to the end of the line before AI and the Man do it for us.