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The KLFRS has set sail. Again. Two years and three months is not necessarily a mighty long time. The next twenty three months is more like it.

Re-Enactments will be acknowledged.

Pre-Enactments will be uncovered.

Un-Enactments will hopefully right a few wrongs, and wrong the occasional right.

And The KLFRS will be there. For the good times and the bad. The Depository will be built, of that there is no doubt.

In this Manual you will be introduced to the many ways that a person can become a Re-Enactor. There may be ways we’ve missed. Tough. That’s kind of the point.

If The KLFRS were a multinational corporation, with an elected Board supporting the vision of a Chairman with his hand on The Tiller, then the Board would expect the Chairman with his hand on The Tiller to explain his vision via a short, three word mantra, like you would do if you were building beds, or shining shoes or managing public health during a pandemic. And the Board, that wanted to support the vision of the Chairman with his hand on The Tiller, would also want their boss to have a shorter, three syllable moniker, like King Boy D or Rockman Rock or Kim Jong Un. And so Tillerman, because that is what he had been told to name himself, would hold a meeting and tell The Board that they were Tillerman and that their short three word mantra was


And then one of The Board would ask what was wrong with Tillerperson, and Tillerman would say that that Tillerperson has four syllables, and then it would be time for lunch.

But The KLFRS is not a multinational corporation and it is not the target of hedge fund managers, media conglomerates or Elon Musk. But it might be once The Depository is kompleted. But The Depository can not be kompleted without kontent, and to the hedge fund managers, media conglomerates and Elon Musk this is a problem.

However, for The KLFRS, the scales are stacked heavy with kontent potential. It is, then, the First Imperative of The KLFRS to INSPIRE Re-Enactors to kreate kontent for The Depository. You should consider THE MANUAL that you are reading to be part of this.  You should also consider that the overwhelming majority of people reading THE MANUAL will be, how can I put it, of a certain age. A certain age where their priorities are mortgage rates and retirement dates and searching for the perfect dinner plate. Their priorities do not include re-animating their memories of 30 years ago, of the activities of The KLF and The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu between the 1st of January 1987 and the 31st of December 1991 (and Beyond).

This is why the Second Imperative of The KLFRS is MOTIVATE. We all need a push sometimes. Carrots. Sticks. But mostly carrots. Although recognition by The Society is reward enough, The KLFRS will seek to match the level of commitment to Re-Enactments with the level of recognition. But, no one is going to believe that you discovered America in 992 just on your say so.

That is why the Third and Final Imperative of The KLFRS is DOCUMENT. What you submit, we DOCUMENT. What we DOCUMENT, builds The Depository.

Over the chapters of this MANUAL, you will be given advice on how to re-enact the easy way. You can Re-Enact on your own, with friends, or halfway up a Welsh mountain with 22 total strangers. The choice is yours. What you have no choice about is Re-Enacting. You’re already reading The MANUAL. It’s all downhill from here.

Tillerman 2023