Dear KLF's crew,

I really hope this email will find you well, I'm Léa and I'm working as a journalist for a cultural tv magazine called Tracks and broadcasted on Arte, a german-french channel. 

We are pretty interested in KLF's work and career, and we would love to do a camera interview with them. The goal is to edit a 8 minutes profile story about KLF, depicting their major influence on music and personal life. 

If you don't know our tv show, I invite you to see some profile stories we made about artists or musical movements : 

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And here is a short description of who we are :

TRACKS is a non commercial TV show aired every Friday evening on the French/German public network Arte, and has been on for almost 20 years. It keeps viewers in touch with the latest trends, new lifestyles and avant-garde experiments from all over the World. TRACKS is about music, arts, cinema, communities, activism, new technology and much more. For two decades, we have been covering everything that makes culture move ahead all over the world. This show is not another youth magazine: it fills in the generation gap by building bridges from the pioneers of soul or rock music, for instance, to the latest digital artists. TRACKS has become a cult show and one of the most popular ones for youth on French and German TV networks.

TRACKS counts half a million viewers every week in both France and Germany. We also have an important web community : 470.000 followers on Facebook, 82.000 on Twitter and 14 million views on Youtube. I also invite you to check out our website.

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